The Yureru Hashi (揺れる橋) was a First Stage obstacle from the first seven SASUKE tournaments which debuted as the fifth obstacle.

The obstacle was a bridge supported on a horizontal axis. There was a wooden wedge in the middle to prevent competitors from simply running down the center.

On SASUKE 3, it was moved to the third position, as a result, moving the Maruta Kudari to the fourth obstacle and the Sosoritatsu Kabe taking its fifth position.

Its success rate was in the high 90s towards the end of its life and was replaced with the Ōdama in SASUKE 8.

On Ninja Warrior, this obstacle was called as the Balance Bridge (or the Shaking Bridge during the broadcast of SASUKE 1, which would later be used as the name of this obstacle in KUNOICHI 10), which was a similar obstacle from SASUKE 11 (see Balance Bridge). The Fuandou from KUNOICHI was also called as the Balance Bridge during the broadcast of Women of Ninja Warrior.

KUNOICHI Appearances

The Yureru Hashi appeared in KUNOICHI 3, and was renamed as the Fuandou

KUNOICHI10 Shaking Bridge

KUNOICHI 10's Shaking Bridge

After 13 years hiatus (since KUNOICHI 4), this obstacle returned. This time, as the third obstacle in the RED Stage (First Stage) of KUNOICHI 10, and renamed as the Shaking Bridge (シェイキングブリッジ) (although during the broadcast, the announcer sometimes called it as the Yureru Hashi). The only difference was that the wedge in the middle was larger and secured with velcro (hook and loop fastener), as well as the differed material.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
1 44 50 88%
2 46 50 92%
3 15 16 93.75%
4 41 46 88.89%
5 30 31 96.77%
6 62 63 98.41%
7 28 29 96.56%
Total 238 257 92.61%


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