Yen Chen has competed first in American Ninja Warrior 4, he run wasn't shown, but in his American Ninja Warrior 5 submission video it was known he failed the Jump Hang. In American Ninja Warrior 5, he finished the qualifying course but tried to rush it in the finals and failed on the trampoline jump to the Salmon Ladder. In American Ninja Warrior 6, he competed in Denver where he completed the qualifying course. In the finals he got revenge of the Salmon Ladder, but failed on the new Doorknob Arch when he dismount too far. He then completed the first stage with 2 seconds left and since he had the slow time he only saw JJ Woods and Brain Arnold run stage 2. He failed on the Butterfly Wall due that he wasn't tall enough to reach the top. In American Ninja Warrior 7 his run was cut from all online streaming and satellite T.V. On Comcast and On Demand they show cut runs and it showed he failed on the Hourglass-Drop when he over jumped the second bridge and placing 32nd, he didn't advance to the city finals.

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