Yamamoto Yoshihito (山本 義人) is a surfer who competed in the first three SASUKE tournaments, clearing the First Stage his first two times. He was the first person to attempt Stage 3 only to fail at the Pole Bridge. He was one of the two contestants to fail this obstacle. In his next competition he wore #43 and made it to the Second Stage but the Hammer Dodge took him out. In his final competition he was all cut from the broadcast so it is unknown where he failed, however his number was expected to be 55, straight after his brother, Yamamoto Tatsuya who wore 54, as this was the case in the previous competition.

His brother, Yamamoto Tatsuya competed twice.


SASUKE # Result Notes
1 18 Failed Pole Bridge (Third Stage)
2 43 Failed Goren Hammer (Second Stage)
3 55? Failed ?? (First Stage) All Cut

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