Her first tournament was KUNOICHI 6. She managed to Get to the Flying Pillar. She touched the water after releasing to late and was eliminated. In KUNOICHI 7, She Reached the Log Jam where she got to the 2nd log, she slipped/and ran off the log into the water. Finally, in KUNOICHI 8, she passed Stage 1 and 2 with ease. But failed to get over the bar on the Flying Roll and was eliminated.

KUNOICHI # Result Notes
6 27 Failed Flying Pillar (1st Stage) Released Late and Touched the water.
7 76 Failed Log Jam

(1st Stage)

She slipped/and ran off the log into the water on the 2nd Log.
8 Group 1 Failed Flying Roll

(3rd Stage)


Yamada Sachiyo competed in 2 tournaments. In SASUKE 24, She tripped on the X-Bridge. But, she survived. She got to the Log Grip and had a hard time wrapping herself around the log. She fell immediately after the Log Dropped. In SASUKE 23, she fell similar to Tomomi Arimatsu on the Half Pipe Attack.

SASUKE # Result
23 32 Failed Half Pipe Attack (1st Stage) All Cut
24 32 Failed Log Grip (1st Stage)