Yamada Katsumi

Yamada when he fell off

In SASUKE 6, 5 people made it to the Third Stage. Hatakeda Yoshiaki, Takeda Toshihiro, Shane Kosugi, Kane Kosugi and Yamada Katsumi.

Yamada made it to the Pipe Slider, and on his jump, to make it to the Final Stage, he jumped poorly and fell off the landing mat to the right side of it. It was said that Yamada was course out, and he was disqualified. This was the 3rd time someone was disqualified on the pipe slider, but the first time, such as in this case, that someone was disqualified for falling off the sides of the landing platform. The other 2, Ebihara Masakazu and Travis Allen Schraeder, both pushed the pipe hard enough to have it off the railing.

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