ANW7 Wind Chimes

American Ninja Warrior 7's Wind Chimes in Pittsburgh

The Wind Chimes is an obstacle, firstly introduced as the fourth obstacle on American Ninja Warrior 7 in Pittsburgh. 

Competitors must across eight suspended chimes, then dismounted properly to the landing platform. Each chime has a gap, with a larger gap between the fourth and fifth chime, and the seventh and eighth chime. Also, the chimes got shorter as competitors cross from one chime to the other. 

This obstacle is similar in vein to the Sidewinder R, which is used in the Third Stage of SASUKE 31 until now. 

Other Appearances

The Wind Chimes also made an appearance on Ninja Warrior UK 2, as the seventh obstacle in the semi-finals, after the Warped Wall. However, the number of chimes was reduced to seven. Later, the same version was used as the fifth obstacle in the Stage 1's finals on Ninja Warrior UK 3.

SNWI2017 Wind Chimes

SASUKE Ninja Warrior Indonesia 2017's Wind Chimes in Challenge Stage

The Wind Chimes also made an appearance on SASUKE Ninja Warrior Indonesia 2017, as the second obstacle in Challenge Stage, with a similar specification from Ninja Warrior UK 2 and 3.

However, during SASUKE Ninja Warrior Indonesia: International Competition, the gap between the poles were made slightly larger, which made it harder to traverse.

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