Hisae Watanabe has competed in KUNOICHI 4 times. The first time she competed, in KUNOICHI 2, she slipped on the Windmill Cross and fell into the water. In KUNOICHI 3, she reached the landing platform of the Hop Rocket. However, she was short and landed in the water. In KUNOICHI 7, she fell on the Log Jam like many other competitors. Finally, in KUNOICHI 8, she was the first group to run. She reached the hanging logs, and face planted on her dismount. She fell into the water.

KUNOICHI # Result Notes
2 21 Failed Windmill Cross (1st Stage) Reached the center and slipped off.
3 ? Failed Hop Rocket (1st Stage) Digest.
4 33 Failed Windmill Cross (1st Stage) Digest.
7 23 Failed Log Jam (1st Stage) Jumped off of the 2nd log.
8 Group 1 Failed Hanging Logs (1st Stage) Face planted on dismount.