Walking Bar

The Walking Bar first appeared in the Houston City Finals of American Ninja Warrior 7 as the eighth obstacle. It consists of six staggered rests, a bar, and a rope. After competitors climb the Salmon Ladder they must transition to the bar which is positioned on the first two rests. Since the rests are staggered the competitor must alternate moving each side forward to the next rest until the bar is on the last two rests. Once there, they must swing forward to a rope which they can climb down to reach the landing mat. The first half of this obstacle is similar to the Flying Bar, however on the Flying Bar competitors move both sides of the bar forward at the same time since the rests are not staggered. It is considered a variant of the Flying Bar which can move from one rests to another.

On American Ninja Warrior 8, it made its return as the penultimate obstacle of Stage Three in the Las Vegas finals. In this version, the rope is not present but instead when competitors reach the bar into the last two rests, they must go to the resting bar that will lead to the next obstacle, the Flying Bar. Also, the last few rungs are arranged in a curve to help competitors to go to the resting bar easier but in contrast, makes the obstacle more harder. Due to Drew Drechsel and Daniel Gil the only two who attempted Stage Three this season failed in the Hang Climb and the Ultimate Cliffhanger respectively, no one has attempted this obstacle yet.

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