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VIKING 3 was the third and final VIKING tournament using the same system as SASUKE. The course was heavily changed from the previous tournament. Two new obstacles, the Alphabet Parley and the Island Escape, were added to the First Marine Stage. Two more obstacles, the Color Fusion and Tactical Parley, were added to the Second Adventure Stage and the Heartbreaker was relocated. The Third Fantasy Stage was deleted altogether, with two of the obstacles, as well as the Heartbreaker and the Hawkeye becoming the new Final Viking. Ultimately, two competitors - Maeda Sho and Minamide Kimihiro - made it to Final VIKING, becoming the second and third competitors to do so. However, both failed, and VIKING ended without a kanzenseiha.

1st Marine Stage


Odyssey オデッセイ

Loading Dock ローディングドック

^Alphabet Parley アルファベットパーレイ

Castaway キャスタウェイ

^Island Escape アイランドエスケープ

Parley パーレイ

Cannonball キャノンボール

Swing Mast スイングマスト

Captain's Cabin ターザンロープ

^ Denotes New Obstacle

* Denotes Modified Obstacle

Time Limit: 135 sec (142 sec for females, high school students and younger, and competitors over 50 years old)

Length: 109.6 m


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes

2nd Adventure Stage


Galleon ガリオン

^Color Fusion カラーフュージョン

Rope Maze ロープメイズ

④ Crossroads (クロスロード): Flag Survival サバイバルフラッグ or Jump Survival サバイバルジャンプ

^Tactical Parley タクティカルパーレイ

Heavenly Climb ヘブンリィクライム

^ Denotes New Obstacle

* Denotes Modified Obstacle

Time Limit: 135 seconds

Length: 72.5m


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
45 Takahashi Hiromitsu (40) Muscle Musical Member Rope Maze ロープメイズ
71 Minamide Kimihiro (27) Clear (01.30 Seconds Left)
80 Maeda Sho (25) Sagawa Express Driver Clear (31.1 Seconds Left)
87 Inagaki Yushi (25) 2004 Japan Rope Climbing Champion Tactical Parley タクティカルパーレイ Incorrectly said 68 - 19 = 41
97 TERU (28) Muscle Musical Member Withdrew Leg Injury
100 Sato Hiromichi (37) Viking: The Ultimate Obstacle Course MC Color Fusion カラーフュージョン Incorrectly said Red + Yellow = Green
Total 6 Attempts 2 Clears

Final Viking


^Hawkeye ホークアイ

Time Limit: 10 sec

Steady Voyager ステディー・ポイジャー

Ultimate Plank アルティメット・ブランク

Heartbreaker ハートブレイカー

^ Denotes New Obstacle

* Denotes Modified Obstacle


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
71 Minamide Kimihiro (27) Ultimate Plank アルティメット・ブランク Fell immediately after starting
80 Maeda Sho (25) Sagawa Express Driver Steady Voyager ステディー・ポイジャー Rotation Zone
Total 2 Attempts 0 Clears

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