Triple Swing

American Ninja Warrior 7's Triple Swing in Stage One

The Triple Swing is an obstacle, firstly introduced as the eighth and final obstacle on American Ninja Warrior 7 in Stage One, replacing the Tarzan Rope section of the Final Climb from the past three American Ninja Warrior seasons.

Competitors must run up an angled platform and leap to a hanging bar. From there, they will swing to the other two bars and then to the Rope Ladder.

Once on the Rope Ladder, they will climb up to the top and hit the buzzer before the time runs out, in order to secure their spot in Stage Two.

This obstacle has a similar concept with the Jumping Bars Into Cargo Net, which was used as the fourth obstacle on American Ninja Warrior 6 in Venice Beach.

Only four competitors failed on this obstacle, including Paul Kasemir.

With the obstacle having a low knock-out rate, 38 competitors could complete it within the time limit and moved on to Stage Two, it was only used once and replaced by the Flying Squirrel on American Ninja Warrior 8.

Flying Triple Swing

UvTW2 Flying Triple Swing

The Flying Triple Swing during USA vs. The World 2

The Triple Swing was modified into the Flying Triple Swing during USA vs. The World 2, in which the angled platform was replaced with a large trampoline. Only one competitor (Tim Champion from Team Europe) failed on this version of the obstacle.

Other Appearances

SNWI2017 Triple Swing

SASUKE Ninja Warrior Indonesia 2017's Triple Swing in Semifinal Stage 2

On SASUKE Ninja Warrior Indonesia 2017, the Triple Swing appeared as the sixth and final obstacle during Semifinal Stage 2.

However, unlike on American Ninja Warrior 7, the obstacle featured 4 bars instead of 3, with the first bar acted as the intermediary between the previous obstacle (the Salmon Ladder) and the obstacle itself, and the gap between the third and fourth bar was made shorter. Among the 4 competitors who attempted it, 3 of them could complete it.


  • With 38 competitors completing the obstacle and moved on to Stage Two, American Ninja Warrior 7 held the record for the highest amount of finishers during Stage One in any SASUKE/Ninja Warrior international format, beating SASUKE 4's First Stage at 37 finishers. But two years later, it moved to second place as 41 competitors completed Stage One on American Ninja Warrior 9.

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