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Travis Rosen
Travis Rosen, SASUKE 27
Biographical Info
Born August 10, 1974 (1974-08-10) (age 40)
Home Franklin, Tennessee, USA
Job Stock Trader, Former Gymnast
SASUKE Competitions
First SASUKE 27
Last SASUKE 27
Total 1 competitions
Best American Ninja Warrior 5, Third Stage, Floating Boards

Travis Rosen is an American Ninja Warrior competitor from Franklin, TN. He got his start on American Ninja Warrior 2 where he was 9th in the Qualifying Round. However in the Semi Finals, he was disqualified on the Jumping Spider.

In American Ninja Warrior 3 he turned that trend around. Although he was one of many to fail the Unstable Bridge, he was given a spot into SASUKE 27. At the tournament, he performed well and breezed through the First Stage, clearing with 21.70 seconds left. In the Second Stage, he was performing well through most of the obstacles. However, on the Metal Spin, he caught the rope too low and fell there, becoming the first of three Americans to fail there that day. He competed on American Ninja Warrior 4 and made it to the Las Vegas finals. There, he cleared the First Stage with 19 seconds remaining, however failed on the Second Stage's Balance Tank which he had previously cleared in Japan. He once again made it to Vegas in American Ninja Warrior 5. He cleared the First Stage for the third consecutive time, with 13 seconds remaining. Despite taking his time on the Balance Tank and Metal Spin that had ended his 2 previous Second Stage runs, Rosen still managed to clear with 5.17 seconds left. On the third stage, he blew through the first two obstacles only to fail on the floating boards. Travis Rosen later competed in American Ninja Warrior 6,then He completed all qualifying stage and made it to the Las Vegas Finals, In Stage 1, Travis completed all obstacles including the new Silk Slider and hardened Jumping Spider, In stage 2, He cleared first 4 obstacles but he was defeated by metal spin just like his performance in Usa vs World.


SASUKE # Result Notes
27 60 Failed Metal Spin (Second Stage)
ANW4 60 Failed Balance Tank (Second Stage)
ANW5 75 Failed Floating Boards (Third Stage) Transition from first to second boards

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