Tony Torres is the Gym Owner of Alternate Routes in Baltimore,Maryland,who competed in American Ninja Warrior 5,along with his brother Edwin,and Edwin failed the Circle Cross.Tony completed the Baltimore Qualifying Course,but shockingly failed the Downhill Jump in the Baltimore Finals.Tony and Edwin also hold a training event there,called ANW Rising,and in ANW Rising,only 2 made it to Stage 3:Jamie Rahn and William Power Brown(Power is William`s Middle Name).Jamie made it to the Ultimate Cliffhanger,and William made it further than Jamie,completing the Ultimate Cliffhanger before failing the Spider Flip.It also has some obstacles for training:

Danchigaubou(Precision Lane)

Jumping Bars

Flying Bar

Pipe Slider

Slider Jump

Balance Tank

Wall Lifting

Double Salmon Ladder

Unstable Bridge

Roulette Cylinder

Doorknob Grasper

Rope Junction

Ultimate Cliffhanger

Hang Climbing

Spider Flip

Vertical Limit

Jump Hang Kai

Soritatsu Kabe


Spider Climb

Rope Swing


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