Toby Segar

Toby Segar is a British parkour professional who competed in the first two Ninja Warrior UK tournaments, reaching the final in both. However, like many other past finalists, he was not invited back to compete in the third competition.

Ninja Warrior UK 1

Toby competed in the first Ninja Warrior UK tournament. He competed in the fourth heat, and completed the course in 1:07, finishing first in his heat. He competed in the first semi-final and finished 2nd out of 10 competitors who completed the stage. In the final round, he completed Stage 1 with 1 minute 33 seconds left, however fell on the Salmon Ladder on Stage 2.

Ninja Warrior UK 2

Toby competed in the second Ninja Warrior UK tournament. He finished first in Heat 2, being only 1 of 5 competitors to complete the stage, out of 50 competitors who attempted it. In the semi final, he finished 9th overall and advanced to the Final. He completed the first stage of the Final with 16 seconds remaining, however again fell on the Salmon Ladder in Stage 2.


Ninja Warrior UK

Ninja Warrior Result Notes
1 Failed Salmon Ladder (Final-Second Stage)
2 Failed Salmon Ladder (Final-Second Stage)

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