Thomas Hall was a competitor in American Ninja Warrior 2 (Sasuke 26). He finished 29th in qualifying. In the semifinal, Thomas was halfway up the Salmon Ladder when the bar slipped and Thomas fell. His time to the Warped Wall (Soritatsu Kabe) was enough to get him to boot camp in 13th place. Thomas struggled throughout boot camp, only being able to make it up the Warped Wall in 1 of the 2 times they used it (it took him 2 attempts), and the Balance Tank and the Slider Jump which also took him 2 attempts. He was eliminated in day 3. Thomas is from Bradenton, Florida and is good friends with Sean Morris, who is another semifinalist. Hall is attending the University of South Florida in Tampa.

In American Ninja Warrior 4, he failed on the Spinning Bridge in Stage 1.

In American Ninja Warrior 5, he once again made it to Las Vegas, but he failed to get up the Warped Wall and timed out there.

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