Team USA is a 10-man team from the United States of America trying to beat SASUKE as their main goal. They are highly recognizable in SASUKE for having the most foreigners and competing in their G4's American Ninja Warrior Muscle T-shirt. The show American Ninja Warrior (formerly known as American Ninja Challenge) is a tournament to pick the top 10 Americans and send them to Japan in order to compete. They are the second favorite country to have their competitors to achieve total victory. Only behind Japan. To most fans of SASUKE, Team USA captains are considered to be Levi Meeuwenberg and Brian Orosco, also known as America's Legends as they were considered to be the strongest competitors from USA and highly recognizable. As the years goes on, more Americans has been advancing through the stages. In Sasuke 26, there was 6 foreigners that have completed Stage 1 than 3 domestic competitors. 5 of them were American. In stage 2, 4 Americans has passed Stage 2 while only 1 Japanese competitor passed. In Sasuke 27, David Campbell has gotten further than any competitor on the Ultimate Cliffhanger, successfully transitioning on the fifth and last edge, only to drop just inches away.

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