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Team Ninja Warrior: College Madness
is a new spin-off of Team Ninja Warrior, in which 16 teams of three, each representing a top US university/college, would race against each other to settle college rivalries, as well as to display the next generation of American Ninja Warrior competitors.


Team Name University/College Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competitor 3
Houston Cougars University of Houston Mathis Owhadi Zach Tamayo Haley Houston
TCU Horned Frogs Texas Christian University Nolan Smith Alexander Parris Emma Beserra
Georgia Bulldogs University of Georgia Doug Legg Bradley Schleicher Victoria Case
Florida Gators University of Florida Garrison Kalvin Dane Brooks Melissa Hill
Texas A&M Aggies Texas A&M University Will Smithee Collin Hummel Kaiti Haymaker
Oklahoma Sooners University of Oklahoma Reese Tomberlin Taylor Neitsch Candace Caldwell
UCONN Huskies University of Connecticut Luke Adams Perry Madison Jade Sharkany
MIT Engineers Massachusetts Institute of Technology Tomas Cabrera Charlie Andrews Amelia Becker
UCLA Bruins University of California, Los Angeles Carter Allen James Vaughan Amanda Adams
USC Trojans University of Southern California Antonio Ayala Julian Olea Noelle Crowley
Stanford Cardinal Stanford University Nam Cuong Will Roderick Roshena MacPherson
Colorado Buffaloes University of Colorado Bobby Reedy Matt Normile Alexandra Regenold
Ohio State Buckeyes Ohio State University C.J. Raterman Clay Raterman Brynn Schlemitz
Michigan Wolverines University of Michigan Karl Berkemeier Joseph Craig Liv Lang
Wisconsin Badgers University of Wisconsin Andrew Philibeck Zack Kemmerer Taylor Amann
Maryland Terrapins University of Maryland Marcos Colon-Pappaterra Kevin Merrick Delaney Jordan


Similiar to the Team Ninja Warrior, on each episode, four teams will race through a course. There are three rounds on each episode.

In the first round, there are two matches with two teams facing each other. Each match will have three heats, where two competitors will race side-by-side on a series of obstacles. The order that the competitors run is the choice of the captains, with the ladies required to face other in the same heat. The first two heats are worth 1 point, and the third heat, also known as the anchor run, is worth 2 points. The team with the most points wins the match. If there is a tie, a sudden death is run to decide the match, with the competitor running the run decided by the captain.

In the second round (the Knockout Round), the winners of one match face the losers of the other match, with the same format as the first round. The winners of the match will move on to the Relay Showdown, while the losers are eliminated from the competition.

In the final round, the two winners of the Knockout Round will face each other in the Relay Showdown, on an extended course. Each competitor must run on the course, and each competitor will face three obstacles each. The order of the competitors is the choice of the captains. If a competitor fails on any obstacle, there will be a ten seconds penalty to the next competitor on the team, starting the moment the opposing competitor is tagged. If two competitors from each team fail on the same three-obstacles part (either first three or second three), the next competitor from each team will automatically run the obstacle (with five seconds countdown at the start). The winner of the relay goes to the College Championship, and the loser will be eliminated.

In the College Championship, the same format in the qualifying episodes is applied, with a total of four teams (four Relay Showdown winners from four qualifying episodes). The two teams who won the College Championship's Knockout Round will move on to the Championship Relay, with the winner will be crowned as the "Team Ninja Warrior: College Madness Champion".


1. Sonic Swing

2. Ring of Fire

3. Swing Jump

4. Floating Tiles

5. Pole Grasper (Episode 1-4), Spin Cycle (Episode 5)

6. Warped Wall

Relay Showdown's obstacles (extended course)

7. Dueling Salmon Ladders

8. Globe Graspers

9. Final Climb (40 feet Rope Climb)


Episode # Teams Advanced to Relay Showdown Relay Showdown Winner
1 (Qualifying Round) Houston Cougars, TCU Horned Frogs, Georgia Bulldogs, Florida Gaptors Houston Cougars & Georgia Bulldogs Georgia Bulldogs
2 (Qualifying Round) Texas A&M Aggies, Oklahoma Sooners, UCONN Huskies, MIT Engineers MIT Engineers & Texas A&M Aggies MIT Engineers
3 (Qualifying Round) UCLA Bruins, USC Trojans, Stanford Cardinal, Colorado Buffaloes USC Trojans & UCLA Bruins UCLA Bruins
4 (Qualifying Round) Ohio State Buckeyes, Michigan Wolverines, Wisconsin Badgers, Maryland Terrapins Wisconsin Badgers & Maryland Terrapins Wisconsin Badgers
5 (College Championship) Georgia Bulldogs, MIT Engineers, UCLA Bruins, Wisconsin Badgers MIT Engineers & Wisconsin Badgers Wisconsin Badgers

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