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Team Ninja Warrior is a spin-off of American Ninja Warrior, produced by Esquire Network, and premiered on January 19, 2016. Team Ninja Warrior was filmed from October 21, 2015 to October 23, 2015, in Wilmington, California.

On its first season, there were 24 teams total, each led by a top ninja athlete. Four teams competed in each qualifying episode, with eight team advanced to the finals.

On November 22, 2016, Team Ninja Warrior is renewed for the special edition, which focuses on battle between Universities & Colleges across America (called Team Ninja Warrior: College Madness ). On 2017, Team Ninja Warrior is renewed for the second season .


Each team has a captain, and consists of two male competitors and a female competitor.

Team Name Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competitor 3
G-Force Nicholas Coolridge Travis Brewer Jessie Graff (Captain)
Wild Bunch Lance Pekus (Captain) Ben Melick Rose Wetzel
Team Midoryama Ian Dory (Captain) Dan Yager Meagan Martin
Lab Rats Brian Wilczewski (Captain) Chris Wilczewski Michelle Warnky
Ninja Brittens Geoff Britten (Captain) Dustin McKinney Jessica Britten
Team Alpha Brent Steffensen (Captain) Evan Dollard Kacy Catanzaro
Stratis Faction Ryan Stratis (Captain) Mike Bernardo Grace Jones
InvincAbels Abel Gonzalez (Captain) Nathan Jasso Jeri D'Aurelio
Storm Team Moravsky Joe Moravsky (Captain) Rob Moravsky Marybeth Wang
Think Tank Noah Kaufman (Captain) Matthew Wilder Asya Grechka
Team Ronin Flip Rodriguez (Captain) JJ Woods Tiana Webberley
Iron Grip Daniel Gil (Captain) Sam Sann Richelle Hepler
Golden Hearts Neil Craver (Captain) Grant McCartney Natalie Duran
Karsonic Boom Karson Voiles (Captain) Brandon Berrett Beth Higginbotham
Tré Amigos Tremayne Dortch (Captain) Andrew Lowes Cassandra Dortch
Party Time Brian Arnold (Captain) Jake Murray / Travis Weinand Jennifer Tavernier
Towers of Power Brandon Mears (Captain) Dan Polizzi Selena Laniel / Traci Dinwiddie
Real Life Beasts Drew Drechsel (Captain) James McGrath Erica Cook
Rahnaways Jamie Rahn (Captain) Adam Grossman Courtney Venuti
Average JoJo's Jo Jo Bynum (Captain) Jimmy Bogle Caitlyn Shukwit
ExpendaBulls Kevin Bull (Captain) Alan Connealy Luci Romberg
Team TNT Travis Rosen (Captain) Adam Arnold Joyce Shahboz
NorCal Ninjas David Campbell (Captain) Sean Noble Rachel Mulvaney
Elet-Trikz Elet Hall (Captain) Dillon Gates Cassie Craig

Episode Structure

Each episode, four teams will race through a course. There are three rounds on each episode.

In the first round, there are two matches with two teams facing each other. Each match will have three heats, where two competitors will race side-by-side on a series of obstacles. The order that the competitors run is the choice of the captains, with the ladies required to face other in the same heat. The first two heats are worth 1 point, and the third heat, also known as the anchor run, is worth 2 points. The team with the most points wins the match. If there is a tie, a sudden death is run to decide the match, with the competitor running the run decided by the captain.

In the second round (the Knockout Round), the winners of one match face the losers of the other match, with the same format as the first round. The winners of the match will move on to the Relay Showdown, while the losers are eliminated from the competition.

In the final round, the two winners of the Knockout Round will face each other in a relay run on an extended course. Each competitor must run on the course, and each competitor will face three obstacles each. The order of the competitors is the choice of the captains. If a competitor fails on any obstacle, there will be a ten seconds penalty to the next competitor on the team, starting the moment the opposing competitor is tagged. If two competitors from each team fail on the same obstacle, the next competitor from each team will automatically run the obstacle (with five seconds countdown). The winner of the relay goes to the finals, and the loser will be eliminated.

Unlike on American Ninja Warrior, competitors were allowed to touch the water on Team Ninja Warrior, as long as competitors didn't lose the grip on the obstacle entirely.


In the two episodes covering the finals, the same format in the qualifying episodes is applied, with a total of eight teams (six Relay Showdown winners from six qualifying episodes and two wildcards, i.e. fastest runner-up on Relay Showdown). On the last episode, the two teams who won the finals' Relay Showdown will move on to the Championship Relay, with the winner will be crowned as the "Team Ninja Warrior Champion".


1. Sonic Swing

2. Log Grip

3. Swing Jump

4. Dancing Stones

5. (changes each episode)

6. Warped Wall

Relay Showdown's obstacles (extended course)

7. Dueling Salmon Ladders

8. Tilting Ladders

9. Tower Climb (25 feet Spider Climb + 15 feet Rope Climb)


Episode # Teams Advanced to Relay Showdown Relay Showdown Winner/Wildcard
1 (Qualifying Round) G-Force, Storm Team Moravsky, Average JoJo's, Team TNT Team TNT & Storm Team Moravsky Team TNT (Winner); Storm Team Moravsky (Wildcard)
2 (Qualifying Round) Towers of Power, Golden Hearts, Team Midoryama, NorCal Ninjas Team Midoryama & Towers of Power Team Midoryama
3 (Qualifying Round) Team Alpha, ExpendaBulls, Stratis Faction, Tré Amigoz The ExpendaBulls & Stratis Faction The ExpendaBulls (Winner); Stratis Faction (Wildcard)
4 (Qualifying Round) Team Ronin, Think Tank, Karsonic Boom, Wild Bunch Team Ronin & Think Tank Team Ronin
5 (Qualifying Round) Iron Grip, Ninja Brittens, Lab Rats, Elet-Trikz Lab Rats & Iron Grip Lab Rats
6 (Qualifying Round) Party Time, Real Life Beasts, InvincAbels, Rahnaways Real Life Beasts & Party Time Party Time
7 (Finals) Team TNT, Team Midoryama, Stratis Faction, Team Ronin Stratis Faction & Team TNT Team TNT
8 (Finals) ExpendaBulls, Party Time, Lab Rats, Storm Team Moravsky Lab Rats & Party Time Party Time
8 (Championship Relay) Team TNT & Party Time Party Time
Team Ninja Warrior Champion: Party Time

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