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'Tatsukawa Tomihiro (立川 福裕) is an insurance salesman who competed in the first 10 SASUKE tournaments, never making it past the first stage. He usually competed in a Superman suit; during his later tournaments, he wore a tear-away business suit over his Superman costume, even coming out of a phone booth prior to his SASUKE 7 run. His numbers are very constant, as his numbers are 50 or 51 since SASUKE 4.

In college, he played American Football.


SASUKE # Result Notes
1 48 Failed Maruta Kudari (First Stage)
2 50 Failed Maruta Nobori (First Stage)
3 42 Failed Rolling Maruta (First Stage)
4 51 Failed Maruta Kudari (First Stage)
5 51 Failed Jump Hang (First Stage)
6 50 Failed Jump Hang (First Stage)
7 51 Failed Rolling Maruta (First Stage)
8 51 Failed Godantobi (First Stage)
9 51 Failed Godantobi (First Stage)
10 951 Failed Rolling Maruta (First Stage)

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