Tanaka Mitsuteru (田中光輝) is a gymnast who won the 2008 all Japan arm rolling championship.

He debuted in SASUKE 24, during which he showed the crowd how fast he could do arm rolls at the starting line. He started the course and after the Jyunidantobi he was already fatigued due to his arm rolling demonstration. When he reached the Log Grip he couldn't hold on to the log due to fatigue and he failed about halfway down the track.

In SASUKE 25, he represented Nagano Prefecture and failed the Jump Hang when he hit the trampoline poorly and wasn't able to even touch the netting.

He competed in SASUKE RISING but his run was all cut.

SASUKE # Result Notes
24 22 Failed Log Grip (First Stage)
25 17 Failed Jump Hang (First Stage) Digest.
28 21 Unknown (First Stage) All Cut

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