Tanaka Maho is a professional snowboarder and KUNOICHI All-Star. She has had great success in previous competitions. She debuted in KUNOICHI 4. Her number was unknown, although the amount of light left at the time suggested she ran between Asami Sayaka and Oana Ban. She failed the Haso Tobi. In KUNOICHI 6, she received #83. She reached the Final Stage, but was unable to begin the Skyway Pole before time ran out. In KUNOICHI 7, she was given #91. She was one of only four women to clear the First Stage and the only woman to clear the Second Stage. However she failed the Yellow Zone of Domino Hill. She was considered the top competitor in KUNOICHI 8 but shocked everybody by being beat in the First Stage. According to her official blog, she gave birth to a son on February 16, 2013. 


SASUKE # Result Notes
21 39 Failed Log Grip (1st Stage) All Cut. External Information.
KUNOICHI # Result Notes
4 96? 97? Failed Haso Tobi (First Stage) Digest.
6 81 Failed Brick Climb (Final Stage) Time Out.
7 91 Failed Torentta (Third Stage) Yellow Zone.
8 Failed Rope Ladder (First Stage) Was beat by 2 other women.

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