Takiguchi Yuta (滝口由太) is a souvenir shop owner and competed in SASUKE three times. He first competed in SASUKE 31 where his run was cut and it is unknown where he failed in the First Stage but it is know that he wore #13. He competed in SASUKE 32, wore #77 and his run is completely cut again, with possibility that his number is higher due to almost or close to finishing a stage. He was digested and failed the Double Pendulum in SASUKE 33, appearing in the broadcast for the very first time after getting cut for two competitions. He competed in SASUKE 34, wearing #8, his lowest number yet. He completed in Sasuke 35, failing the Fishbone, with his run being digested for the second time.


SASUKE # Result Notes
31 13 Failed Unknown (First Stage) All Cut
32 77 Failed Rolling Hill (First Stage) All Cut
33 55 Failed Double Pendulum (First Stage) Digest
34 8 Failed Double Pendulum (First Stage) All Cut
35 58 Failed Fish Bone (First Stage) Digest