Takahashi Kenji's Swap Salmon Ladder Disqualification is a very controversial ruling that occurred during SASUKE 30's Second Stage. It is when Takahashi Kenji got disqualified when the bar went lopsided, causing him to be disqualified and controversially ending his 100% Second Stage clear record.



Kenji Takahashi's run (Swap Salmon Ladder glitch occurs at 0:31).


When Takahashi started the Swap Salmon Ladder, he easily completed the first jump, but while attempting the second jump, the left side of the third rung inexplicably retracted, causing Takahashi to land slanted, which is not allowed on the Swap Salmon Ladder, (despite the fact that it was allowed on the previous versions). Subsequently, the rung popped back out one second later and Takahashi pushed the bar up to it, but despite the obstacle visually malfunctioning he was told to stop.

Protests about the Disqualification

Takahashi was outraged, and protested about the matter, but unfortunately, his protest was not acknowledged and he was eliminated. After his run, many people protested that he should run again and that the Swap Salmon Ladder rule should not of been established.

After this tournament, this variant of the Salmon Ladder was removed in favor for the Salmon Ladder Nobori and Salmon Ladder Kudari

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