Tada Tatsuya (多田 竜也) was born July 6, 1992 (age 24) and competed in SASUKE 17 and SASUKE 19. He was all cut in his first appearance, but it is known he wore #39 almost cleared the First Stage in his rookie attempt at the age of 14. He timed out on the Rope Climb, the final obstacle of the First Stage that tournament. In his next appearance, he was digested, with his bib number in the mid 30's. He was shown to have failed the Jumping Spider. Although he has not competed since, he still trains for SASUKE and has a YouTube channel where he uploads videos of him training with his friends from SASUKE. He is good friends with many of the young competitors, including Morimoto Yusuke.

It is confirmed that he will return to SASUKE after 10 years absence since SASUKE 19 in SASUKE 34 wearing #56, he became one of a lot of competitors to fail the Fish Bone.


SASUKE # Result Notes
17 39 Timed out on Rope Climb (First Stage) All Cut
19 * Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage) Digest
34 56 Failed Fish Bone (First Stage) Shown in Navi

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