TERU was a gymnast and Muscle Musical Member who competed in VIKING and SASUKE. In VIKING, he cleared the First Marine Stage all three times. In VIKING 1, he was one of only five people to clear the First Marine Stage, doing so in 10.48 seconds. However, in the Second Adventure Stage he lost his balance on the Galleon and the weights that he was carrying fell into the water, leading to his disqualification. He returned in VIKING 2 and put on a great performance. He cleared the First Marine Stage with five seconds left and then was one of two people to clear the timed portion of the Second Adventure Stage. However, on the Heartbreaker, his grip and strength eventually gave way and he fell there. In VIKING 3, he once again cleared the First Marine Stage, being one of six to clear that day. However, he had to withdraw from competing after suffering a leg injury.

In his one SASUKE appearance (in SASUKE 18), he failed the Rope Glider after losing his balance on the landing platform.



SASUKE # Result Notes
18 35 Failed Rope Glider (First Stage) Digest
VIKING # Result Notes
1 Failed Galleon (Second Adventure Stage)
2 81 Failed Heartbreaker (Second Adventure Stage)
3 97 Withdrew (Second Adventure Stage) Cleared the First Marine Stage, but did not compete in the Second Adventure Stage due to a leg injury.

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