The Swinging Peg Board is a new obstacle which debuted on Celebrity Ninja Warrior: Red Nose Day as the eighth obstacle. It appeared weeks later on American Ninja Warrior 9 as the eighth obstacle in the Los Angeles City Finals replacing The Wedge.

The obstacle is made up of two swinging panels with seven holes in each with pegs placed into it. (three on the first panel and one on the second panel) Competitors have to hold on to a peg and place it to the holes while traversing one peg to the other panel. With it, competitors have to late from the panel to the platform to advance. Since the obstacle was placed after the Salmon Ladder, competitors can experience fatigue once they are in the obstacle. Out of the 19 competitors who attempted it in qualifying, 10 beat it giving it a 47% knockout rate

In the Red Nose Day special, Stephen Amell gave fans a preview on this obstacle in which he failed. After that, he won $35,000 for charity by completing seven obstacles.

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