Sugiyama was a college volleyball player who completed in KUNOICHI 3 times. Her first appearance was in KUNOICHI 2, but she was one of many women to fail the Fuchawatari. she came back strong in KUNOICHI 3. She passed the Dancing Stones and Windmill Cross with no problem, then on the Double Hurdle she struggled with the second hurdle but passed. On the Barrel Roll, she lost her balance halfway but recovered to pass that obstacle. The Balance Bridge was no problem. On the Hop Rocket she had a small problem but passed it. On the Angle Run, she was walking low but jumped to safety. On the Escape Ladder she had average speed and passed with 6.3 seconds. On stage two, she landed facefirst onto the Super Jump. Next, she took 17 seconds on the Hill Climb, causing her to run out of time on the start of the Floating Bridge. She returned for KUNOICHI 4, but she was one of many victims of the new Haso Tobi.

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