The Sucker Punch almost always appears as the second obstacle of the Wipeout Qualifier when it does appear. It was used up until Season 3 before it was retired in favor of Driver's Ed.


To defeat the obstacle, competitors must cross a beam next to a large wall covered with holes, from which spring mechanical arms with boxing gloves on the end of them. If a contestant is knocked off, they fall into a mud pit, forcing them to make their way to the Big Balls.


Although the traditional Sucker Punch wall has handles, there are a few episodes in Season 1 of Wipeout featuring a wall with no handles.

Episode 8 replaced the boxing gloves with shoes, had the contestant's back against the wall, and called it the Butt Kicker.

Season 3 saw a wall with an additional factor to the obstacle- paint being sprayed at the contestant to make it hard to see.


Season (# of Episodes with appearances) Clears
1 (9) 4
2 (8) 0
3 (18) 3
Total Clears → 7

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