Stephen "Steve" Seiver is a yoga instructor and former army veteran, who is currently recovering from a recent alcoholic problem after a trauma with his family after returning from service.

Seiver made an impressive debut in ANW 8 qualifying where he was the first to clear the 5th obstacle in Los Angeles qualifying, the I-Beam Cross. He was the first in ANW to attempt the higher Warped Wall, at 14'6. He ultimately fell on the Warped Wall, but made it to the city finals, placing 18th overall. However, he shockingly fell on just the second obstacle, Tick Tock, in the finals. Seiver placed 29th overall.

Seiver's run was all cut in LA qualifying in American Ninja Warrior 9, but it was shown that he was able to get up the Warped Wall this time, and finished the qualifying course, placing 22nd overall. His run was digested in the city finals, but Seiver went at a faster pace than in qualifying. However, he failed the Swinging Peg Board when he missed the grab to the second board. Despite this, he placed 12th overall and made his debut in the Las Vegas finals. However, Steve's success was short in Vegas as he was just one of six competitors to fail the first obstacle, Snake Run, when he lost his balance on the second step.

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