The Step Slider (ステップスライダー) is the first obstacle of SASUKE 26, replacing the Dome Steps from the previous tournament.

It is a combination of the Godantobi (with the Rokudantobi spacing and color scheme) and the Bridge Jump.

After completing the four steps, competitors had to jump to grab a rope attached to a zip-line and let go above the platform, which was slanted like with the Godantobi obstacle in previous tournaments. Sometimes, this obstacle was also called the "Slider Steps".

This obstacle took out  Lee En-Chih in SASUKE 27, when his feet skimmed the water. In SASUKE 28, the rope was removed, returning the Godantobi.

Other Appearances

ANW4 Step Slider

American Ninja Warrior 4's Step Slider in Stage One

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SASUKE Vietnam 3's Step Slider

The Step Slider appeared as the first obstacle in Stage One on American Ninja Warrior 4. It was proven to be an extremely easy obstacle for the competitors, as only 3 competitors failed on this obstacle (including Matthew Derouen). On American Ninja Warrior 5, it was replaced by the Timbers.

On SASUKE Vietnam 3, Nhảy 4 Bước (SASUKE Vietnam 3's offical name for Step Slider) appeared as the first obstacle in Stage 1, replacing the Godantobi (Nhảy Bước 4) from the previous season. However, several competitios were disqualified because for touching the white trail or the steps with their hand.

Competitor's Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS/NBC broadcast and external information found
SASUKE/ANW Clears Attempts Percentage
26 62 100 62%
27 70 100 70%
ANW4 97 100 97%
Total 229 300 76.33%