The Steady Voyager (official name "Steady Voyager" in Japan) (ステディーボイジャー) is an obstacle from the three Regular VIKING tournaments. It was located in the Third Fantasy Stage for the first two, before being located in Final Viking for the third (there was no Third Fantasy Stage in VIKING 3). In the first two tournaments, the competitors could elect to try either this obstacle or the Ultimate Plank, whichever suited their strengths more. It was one of the few mentally demanding obstacles in the stages after the Second Adventure, the others being the Bio Clock (VIKING 1-2) and Hawkeye (VIKING 3). This obstacle contains an influence from Kinniku Banzuke, being a smaller replica of the event Ottoto 9.

The competitors had to balance a long metal pole on their fingers while moving along an electrified metal maze above them. If the pole came in contact with any of the maze, sparks flew above the maze, signifying failure. In VIKING 1 and 2, the maze consisted of two stationary bars, two bars which moved close together for a few seconds before retreating back, a moving wheel where the pole had to be in between the "spokes" and finally a curving track before having to raise the pole to a pad which stopped the current. In VIKING 3, the course remained largely unchanged, however the curved track was removed, making the course much easier.

Despite that change, the obstacle was not attempted until VIKING 3 (not reached in VIKING 1 and Nagano Makoto elected to attempt the Ultimate Plank in VIKING 2) due to the fact that all obstacles had to be attempted in Final Viking. Minamide Kimihiro was the first to attempt this obstacle (of only two men; the other being Maeda Sho), and the only to clear it.

Competitor's Success Rate

  • All results based on the Fuji TV broadcast and external information found
Regular VIKING Clears Attempts Percentage
1 0 0 N/A
2 0 0 N/A
3 1 2 50%
Total 1 2 50%

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