ANW6 Spikes into Cargo

American Ninja Warrior 6's Spikes Into Cargo in Denver

The Spikes Into Cargo is an obstacle, first introduced as the fourth obstacle on American Ninja Warrior 6 in Denver.

Competitors must jump from the trampoline and used their both hands to grab a pair of cones. Then, competitors must build enough swing and momentum to make the transition to the next cone (the middle cone), and finally made the transition to the cargo net to reach the landing platform.

During Denver finals, the middle cone was removed, requiring competitors to build up bigger swing and momentum to make the transition from a pair of cones, directly to the cargo net.

Other Appearances

The Spikes Into Cargo appeared on Ninja Warrior UK 2, as the fourth obstacle in Heat 3 and Heat 4, with the similar specification from Denver finals (with shorter gap between the pair of cones and the cargo net), and was called as the Jump Hang with Cones.

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