Snake Run is the new obstacle on Stage 1 of American Ninja Warrior 8 replacing Piston Road from the past two seasons. Competitors have to cross eight 20 inch angled disks that are shaped like a letter 'S', also allowing competitors to skip some of the disks. The disk steps where inspired by the steps later on the course on Sonic Curve.

Despite being just the first obstacle on Stage 1, it proved to be surprisingly difficult, as veterans like Travis Rosen and Geoff Britten fell on it, due to the fact the steps wobbled and that they were angled differently. Because of how uneven and small the steps are, there was no room for error, as competitors either flew through the first six steps or had a stumble and failed. A total of 8 competitors have fell on it. Snake Run has the highest knockout rate of any stage 1 first obstacle, with a 9% knockout rate.

Competitors' Success Rate

ANW Clears Attempts Percentage
ANW8 83 91 91.20%
Total 83 91 91.20%

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