Shin Sedai (新世代) literally New Generation or Shin Sei (新星) literally New Star, are a group of young, largely unknown competitors who have emerged as some of the strongest and most successful athletes in the Shin-SASUKE era up until the present. The Shin Sedai are mostly made up of SASUKE Trial Qualifers, many of whom train non-stop for SASUKE on homemade replicas of the obstacles. Like the SASUKE All-Stars, most of the members are made up of ordinary people instead of professional athletes. While there are only two official members by TBS, several other people have been grouped under this name by the announcers. Recently, TBS have hyped up the Shin Sedai and SASUKE All-Stars as two rivaling groups of competitors.


While many of the members are still in high school and college, others have been trying to compete since 2003 and SASUKE 11 with the Monkey Bars event. Many of the older members, including the leader Urushihara Yuuji, failed many times over the span of several years before finally getting to compete at SASUKE. Nagasaki Shunsuke first competed in SASUKE 14 and the first people to be considered as a Shin Sedai in SASUKE 17.


The Shin Sedai emerged into the spotlight in SASUKE 22. While many of the members had competed before this tournament, this was the tournament where the Shin Sedai proved they could not only clear the First Stage but also make deep into the course and carry the show. At the same time, all of the All-Stars (for the second time in history, and the second time in four tournaments) failed the First Stage. This opened the door for some new people to excel. Before this, the All-Stars had dominated and one of the six members made it the furthest out of the 100 in 14 out of the first 21 tournaments.

The two new stars to perform well were Kanno Hitoshi and Urushihara Yuuji both competing for their second time. Kanno and Urushihara matched and went past Takeda Toshihiro's and Nagano Makoto's runs from SASUKE 21. Kanno, made it past the Shin-Cliffhanger which only Takeda and Nagano had beaten the tournament before and even went farther than Takeda before getting disqualified on the Spider Flip. Urushihara went even further. He beat the Gliding Ring which Nagano failed in SASUKE 21 and was the first one to clear the Shin-SASUKE Third Stage after Nagano's kanzenseiha in SASUKE 17. There, he came inches from the goal.

Over the next two tournaments, the group consistently did well with several of them clearing each tournament. Urushihara, who had made it to the Final Stage in SASUKE 22, made it back for a second time in SASUKE 24. This time, he cleared the Final Stage with 3.57 seconds left, becoming the third person to achieve kanzenseiha. He was officially named the leader of the Shin Sedai. After that, he went on to clear the Final Stage in SASUKE 27, with 6.71 seconds left, becoming the only SASUKE competitor to achieve kanzenseiha twice.


There have only been twelve official members. They are:

Nagasaki Shunsuke

Nagasaki, a trampolinist who is one of the most promising of recent competitors. This skilled trampolinist, who is called "Prince of the Trampoline", has won several medals in the Trampoline World Cups and Doha Asian Games. Competed since SASUKE 14, he clear the First Stage but timed out on the Wall Lifting. He made it to the Third Stage 4 times consecutively in SASUKE 15 until SASUKE 18 and made it to the Final Stage in SASUKE 17 but he failed Flying Chute in SASUKE 19. He didn't compete on SASUKE 20 due to preparing for 2008 Beijing Olympics. He showing his preparation for SASUKE 22 with Cliffhanger training but he never made it to SASUKE. After 6 year hiatus, he made it back in SASUKE 29 but timed out on the Passing Wall. Made it to the Third Stage again in SASUKE 30 and failed the Crazy Cliffhanger. He timed out on the Lumberjack Climb in SASUKE 31. He revenge his failures last tournament with make it to the Third Stage again but he failed the Flying Bar on the second transition in SASUKE 32 and failed the same place again in SASUKE 33. As of 2017, Nagasaki has completed the First Stage 9 times (5 consecutively), the Second Stage 7 times (4 consecutively), and the Third Stage once.

Urushihara Yuuji

Urushihara, considered the leader of the Shin Sedai, spent upwards of five years trying to qualify through the SASUKE Trials. Finally, he qualified for SASUKE 21, and in the next tournament became the first competitor to reach Shin-SASUKE's final stage. He got his Final Stage attempt in SASUKE 22, but he failed it close to the button. In SASUKE 24, he became the third person to achieve Kanzenseiha, and in SASUKE 27, he went on to become the only person to achieve it twice. He is also Unlimited Cliffer No. 3. In SASUKE 28, he failed the Crazy Cliffhanger. In SASUKE 29, he failed the Backstream. In SASUKE 30, he timed out on the Wall Lifting. In SASUKE 31, he took more time to clear the Tackle and timed out on the Soritatsu Kabe. In SASUKE 32, he was one of the notable competitors who failed on the new obstacle Double Pendulum when he failed the transition to the red sandbag. In SASUKE 33, he started off quickly though the Quad Steps but slipped on the first cylinder of the Rolling Hill and fell there, marking his third consecutive First Stage failure.

Kanno Hitoshi

Kanno has been considered one of the most serious contenders to kanzenseiha. In SASUKE 23, when Nagano Makoto joined him in the Final Stage, it was heard that Kanno was the leader of the Shin Sedai. After that in SASUKE 24, Kanno timed out on the First Stage, then in SASUKE 25 he failed the Balance Tank on the Second Stage. Then in SASUKE 26 he failed the Rolling Escargot on First Stage and in SASUKE 27 he withdrew before the Salmon Ladder on the Second Stage. Then he reached the Third Stage in SASUKE 28 , 29, 30, and 31, failing the Crazy Cliffhanger the first three times, but clearing it on his fourth attempt. He failed on the next obstacle, Vertical Limit Kai. He timed out at the top of the Soritatsu Kabe in SASUKE 32, after dislocating his shoulder. He returned for SASUKE 33, looking to get back to his usual form, but a misjudgement in his dismount from the Rolling Hill saw him end up in the water. With this result, Kanno had failed in two consecutive First Stage appearances for the first time. On the landing on his jump from the Rolling Hill, he tore his Achilles Tendon.

Hashimoto Koji

Hashimoto qualified through the SASUKE Trials in three straight tournaments. He failed the First Stage in his early performances, in SASUKE 21 & SASUKE 22. In SASUKE 23, he finally cleared the First Stage, and in the next tournament, he made it all the way to the Final Stage, along with Li En Zhi, Urushihara Yuuji, Takahashi Kenji, and Okuyama Yoshiyuki, where he ultimately timed out mere centimeters from the goal. In SASUKE 25, he failed the Ultimate Cliffhanger. In SASUKE 26, he surprisingly failed at the Metal Spin when he lost his grip. In SASUKE 27, he became the first person to cross the Ultimate Cliffhanger, but he failed the Chain See-Saw. In SASUKE 28, he suprisingly failed at the Spin Bridge when he lost his balance on the third bridge. In SASUKE 29, he failed the Backstream. After this competition, Hashimoto decided to retire from competition due to the pressure involved with being a Shin-Sedai member.

Tajima Naoya

Tajima has competed five times, failing in each of the first three stages. His best performance was in SASUKE 24, where he reached the third stage but failed the final obstacle, the Gliding Ring. He failed the First Stage on the SASUKE 25 & SASUKE 26. In SASUKE 27, he failed the Slider Drop on the Second Stage. He has since stopped competing.

Sato Jun

Sato, the second youngest of the Shin Sedai, is also a repeat qualifier from the SASUKE Trials. In SASUKE 23, he made it to the Second Stage, only to meet the obstacle that would become his nemesis, the Salmon Ladder. After two straight defeats, he finally cleared the Salmon Ladder, now the Double Salmon Ladder, in SASUKE 25, only to fail the next obstacle. He took a 7 tournament break to focus on his studies abroad before returning to compete in SASUKE 32, where he went the furthest of any domestic competitor, failing on the Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger. In SASUKE 33, his attempt in the Third Stage quickly came to an end as he was felled by the Flying Bar.

Matachi Ryo

Matachi has competed ten times, failing the first stage in his first three tries, but in SASUKE 27, his best performance, he made it to the Final Stage, timing out mere inches from the buzzer on the Tsuna Nobori. In the next two tournaments, he failed the Passing Wall and Backstream, respectively. However, in SASUKE 30, he made it to the Final Stage where he almost got to the buzzer, but time ran out. In SASUKE 31 however Ryo fell a victim to the Soritatsu Kabe along with Nagano and Yuuji due to the endurance needed in order to complete the Tackle . In SASUKE 32 , he timed out at the Tarzan Rope, after having trouble with the Tackle and Soritatsu Kabe. In SASUKE 33, Matachi continued his string of First Stage failures, as he was taken out by the Fish Bone.

Asa Kazuma

Asa, known for his extreme emotion in both victory and defeat, is the seventh member of the Shin Sedai and he made his debut in SASUKE 21, however he timed out on the Soritatsu Kabe. In SASUKE 27, he made his First Stage clear, but he failed the Double Salmon Ladder after he losing his grip. Asa was considered an official member following his trip to the Third Stage in SASUKE RISING 28. He has made it to the Third Stage four times in a row, in SASUKE 28, 29, 30, and 31 failing the Crazy Cliffhanger in all four attempts. Being one of the very few people to ever fail one obstacle four times in a row. In SASUKE 32, he surprisingly failed early at the new obstacle, the TIE Fighter. SASUKE 33 saw Asa return to form in emphatic fashion. In his return to the Third Stage, Asa navigated the the Drum Hopper Kai in a composed manner. However, his run came to an end on the Flying Bar, when the bar slipped as he attempted to transition to the third set of rests.

Morimoto Yusuke

Morimoto is the youngest member of the Shin Sedai, known as "SASUKE-kun." He made his debut in SASUKE 18 when he was 15 years old where he failed the Jumping Spider. In SASUKE 19, he defeated the Jumping Spider but failed the Half-Pipe Attack. In SASUKE 21 & SASUKE 22, he failed the First Stage. In SASUKE 27, he cleared the First Stage for the first time, but in the Second Stage, he failed the Metal Spin. In SASUKE 29, he cleared the Second Stage for the first time with only several mileseconds left. In the Third Stage, he became the first person ever to beat the Crazy Cliffhanger and the Vertical Limit, but he failed the Pipe Slider. He was a participant in the SASUKE ASEAN OPEN CUP 2013 & 2014. Due to his performance in the previous tournament, in SASUKE 30, he donned the #3000 bib. He failed the Wall Lifting on the third wall when he lost his stamina. In SASUKE 31, he reached the Final Stage and became the fourth and the youngest person to achieve Kanzenseiha, with 2.59 seconds to spare. He didn't compete in SASUKE 32 due to his work. In his return in SASUKE 33 at the Third Stage, with the other competitors already eliminated, Morimoto carried out his attempt as the last man standing. He got past the Drum Hopper Kai, but was unable to beat the Flying Bar, and the tournament ended with no Third Stage clears.

Hioki Masashi

Hioki is one of the latest members to join the Shin Sedai. He failed the SASUKE 21 Trials at the Jumping Ring. He made his SASUKE debut in SASUKE 25, he failed the Circle Slider. He failed the First Stage in SASUKE 26 & SASUKE 27. He has cleared the First Stage every tournament since SASUKE 29 but he failed the Passing Wall after he lost his stamina in Backstream. He made it to the Third Stage in SASUKE 30 and SASUKE 31, both tournaments failing at the Crazy Cliffhanger. In SASUKE 32, he is the first notable competitors to failed surprisingly early on the new obstacle, Double Pendulum. SASUKE 33 saw a return to form for Hioki, who made a valiant effort in the Second Stage, but eventually timed out on the Reverse Conveyor.

Kawaguchi Tomohiro

Kawaguchi has competed nine times, qualified through the SASUKE Trials. He made his debut in SASUKE 21. He cleared the First Stage for the first time in SASUKE 24, but he failed the Unstable Bridge. He failed the First Stage back to back in SASUKE 25 and SASUKE 27. In SASUKE 30, he cleared the Third Stage and made it to the Final Stage. However, he was slow on the Spider Climb and timed out at the Tsuna Nobori about 8m from the buzzer. In SASUKE 31, he failed to repeat his performance from the previous tournament, when he failed the Crazy Cliffhanger. In SASUKE 32, he failed at the Flying Bar when he ran the obstacle in bad weather. In SASUKE 33, he fell after his transition over to the sandbag on the Double Pendulum. This result saw him eliminated in the First Stage for the first time since SASUKE 27.

Kishimoto Shinya

Kishimoto has competed seven times, having made his debut in SASUKE 25, when he failed the Dome Steps. He competed again in SASUKE 26, he failed the Rolling Escargot. In SASUKE 27, he failed at the Soritatsu Kabe. In SASUKE 29 he failed in Hedgehog. In SASUKE 30, he cleared the First Stage and Second Stage for the first time. In the Third Stage, he was the third person ever to clear the Crazy Cliffhanger, but he failed the Vertical Limit when he lost his grip. He was on SASUKE 31 but he skipped his run due to a back injury. In SASUKE 32, his run was all cut but from external information, it is known that he failed at the Soritatsu Kabe. In SASUKE 33, wearing #80, his run was all cut as he was shown on Trailer. Showing that he shockingly failed the first obstacle Quad Steps. Jumping too high to the pad and his foot was slipped.

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