Selena Laniel is a firefighter form San Diego, California. She first competed in American Ninja Warrior 4. She was one of only a few women to reach the Jump Hang in Southwest Qualifying. Unfortunately, she failed there due to not being able to jump far enough. Her performance did earn her a wildcard spot in Vegas, though. In Vegas, she performed the best out of all the female competitors there, becoming the only woman to clear the Rolling Maruta. She nearly stuck the landing on the Jumping Spider, but lost it and fell into the water. She then became one of the top female athletes in American Ninja Warrior.

Laniel did not compete in American Ninja Warrior 5 Due to her firefighter training.

She returned for American Ninja Warrior 6. Everyone had high hopes for her, and she was able to get through the first 3 obstacles, having a bit of fun in the process. Unfortunately, she was one of many women to fail at the Jumping Bars Into Cargo.

In American Ninja Warrior 7, she adopted an interesting technique on the Mini Silk Slider. While most competitors jumped to the rope, she reached out with her feet. Unfortunately, it was the wrong technique, and her strength gave out, becoming one of 4 dozen competitors to fail the brutal obstacle.

In American Ninja Warrior 9 Selena competed in LA qualifiers, although her run was cut it was revealed she failed the Block Run.

In American Ninja Warrior 10 she competed in LA once again. She had a great run, making it to the Doorknob Drop before falling on it. This was the best performance of her career and she made the women's top 5.

Laniel competed in Team Ninja Warrior, a member of Team Towers of Power, with Brandon Mears and Dan Polizzi, but she was replaced with Traci Dinwiddie.

ANW Result Notes
4 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage)