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Those with enough skill to complete the First Stage then take on an even more grueling set of obstacles in the Second Stage. Only 84 competitors have ever reached the Second Stage, and 60 have survived it. Like the First Stage, the obstacles alter throughout the competitions, but all hold to the same principle: if the competitor makes a single mistake they fall into the water below or not completing the stage on time

In the first five competitions, a competitor only had from 35 to 50 seconds to complete the entire course.

In the 6th Competition, it was turned into a time trial, with only the six fastest competitors (assuming more than six complete the course successfully) advancing to the Third Stage. In addition, the 6th Competition's Second Stage carried a 75-second time limit. By the 7th Competition, the course used the original rules, which the competitors must complete the Stage under a certain time limit. In the 8th competition, it became a time trial like the 6th, but 12 best times were selected to compete in the third stage (even though only 5 cleared in the first place)

TBS Obstacle Names

Comp # Second Stage Obstacles Time Limit
1 Daichōyaku Kaiten Chu Tenbinbashi Fuyuujima 50.0
2 Daichōyaku Kabegiwa Den Tenbinbashi Fuyuujima 45.0^
3 Daichōyaku Chou Touhan Kaiten Tsutsu Fuyuujima 40.0
4 Daichōyaku Sanrentobi Kaiten Tsutsu Fuyuujima 35.0
5 Daichōyaku Chou Touhan Kaiten Tsutsu Furiko Michi Fuyuujima 50.0
6 Daichōyaku Sanrentobi Nipponbashi Ami Watari Burandou 70.0*
7 Daichōyaku Buyoishi Kaiten Tsutsu Tsuri Hashigo Burandou 65.0
8 Daichōyaku Sanrentobi Buyoishi Torentta Enchū Nori Burandou 210.0*
9 Slide Walk Spider Walk Reverse Conveyor Slant Edge Sponge Bridge Cliffhanger Waver Bridge Unlimited

^ This only applied to the first two obstacles; the Tenbinbashi and Fuyuujima.

* Only the top six women in KUNOICHI 6 and the top twelve women in KUNOICHI 8 could advance, but anyone who did not complete the course in the time limit would be ineligible.

G4 Obstacle Names

Comp # Second Stage Obstacles Time Limit
1 Super Jump Spinning Slopes Pendulum Bridge Floating Bridge 50.0
2 Super Jump Ledge Walk Pendulum Bridge Floating Bridge 45.0
3 Super Jump Hill Climb Spinning Log Floating Bridge 40.0
4 Super Jump Triple Hurdle Spinning Log Floating Bridge 35.0
5 Super Jump Hill Climb Spinning Log Swinging Hammers Floating Bridge 50.0
6 Super Jump Triple Hurdle Two-Pole Bridge Net Cross Swinging Beams 70.0
7 Super Jump Dancing Stones Spinning Log Climbing Bars Swinging Beams 65.0
8 Super Jump Triple Hurdle Dancing Stones Domino Hill (17 dominoes) Barrel Roll Swinging Beams 210.0


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