Sean Morris is a Sarasota, FL native who used to be a limo driver, but he is a Student and works at his Parents Auto shop. He's known for his signature headphones he always wears when he competes. He competed on American Ninja Warrior four times. In the first competition he was 15th in qualifying, 4th in the semi finals, and 14th in the finals.

In the second competition he was 12th in the qualifiers. And he failed the Salmon Ladder in the semi finals.

In the third competition he completed the Preliminaries in a whopping 49 seconds. However he fell on the Salmon Ladder once again and failed to make it to the Finals.

In the fourth competition he beat the qualifier in 1:09 seconds, and he avenged his past two defeats on the Salmon Ladder to earn a trip to Las Vegas. On the course he beat the first six obstacles, but stumbled on the Spin Bridge and failed.

In American Ninja Warrior 5 he completed the Miami Qualifying Course,but failed the Salmon Ladder for the third time in his career.But because he placed 18th in the City Finals,he made the top 3 from Miami that missed the cut and earned a Wildcard spot and earned a 2nd trip to Mt.Midoriyama,but failed one of the obstacles that has been in every season of American Ninja Warrior,the Half-Pipe Attack when he grasped the rope too low.

ANW # Results Notes
4 Failed Spinning Bridge (First Stage)
5 Failed Half-Pipe Attack (First Stage) Competed as Wildcard

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