Sean McColl is a 27-year old professional rock climber who competed in American Ninja Warrior 6: USA vs. The World. McColl was originally born in Vancouver, Canada but moved to Chambery, France since rock climbing wasn't big in Canada. He is the current world champion in Bouldering and Lead Climbing.

USA vs. The World

In the competition, Sean put on an amazing performance. He first went up in the Second Stage against Kanno Hitoshi and Elet Hall. In that heat, Kanno failed Rope Jungle while Hall finished in 2:06.32. In the stage, McColl flew through the first four obstacles easily. On the Metal Spin, McColl did a unique technique by leaping off the chain onto the landing platform. McColl finished in 1:46.51, easily winning his heat.

Sean mccoll american ninja warrior

McColl tackling the Unstable Bridge in Stage 2 of USA vs. The World.

He then went against Brian Arnold and Matachi Ryo in Stage Three. After Ryo cleared the stage with a time of 5:04.67, McColl went up to the stage. McColl flew through the first seven obstacles reaching the Flying Bar in just two minutes and 35 seconds. However, on the third jump, he wasn't able to get the right side of the bar even to the left side and fell into the water. Unfortunately, Brian Arnold finished the stage and took the tournament to the Final Stage.

McColl went against Travis Rosen in the Final Stage. Rosen completed the stage in 35.77 seconds. McColl was able to best that by .31 seconds, winning the tournament for Europe.

USA vs the World (2016)

McColl returned in 2016 to compete for Team Europe in the third tournament of USA vs the World. In the competition, he once again competed in the Second and Third Stages. On the Second Stage, McColl went against Takahashi Kenji and Joe Moravsky. In that heat, Takahashi failed the Double Salmon Ladder while Joe posted a Second Stage speed record of 1:23.69. McColl demolished that record by 4 seconds finishing with an impeccable time of 1:19.86, winning the heat for Team Europe. Then, in the newly redesigned Third Stage, McColl competed against Morimoto Yusuke of Team Japan and reigning American Ninja Warrior champion Isaac Caldiero. After Morimoto completed the stage with a time of 6:29.38, McColl maneuvered through the seven obstacles at a steady pace. Then, he managed to avenge his fall on the Flying Bar from the last tournament and complete the stage with a time of 5:42.45. Unfortunately, he lost his heat to Issac who finished the stage with a tremendous time of 4:28.84. As a result, Team USA won the tournament.

It is also shown that he watched Brian Arnold's City Finals run in Kansas City in American Ninja Warrior 7.

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Sean seen with Dan Yager and Brian Arnold in Kansas City (not shown on the real episode).

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