Satō Hiroki (佐藤 博紀) is a sports tester and a SASUKE qualifier who has competed two times.

He first competed in the SASUKE 22 Trials and was one of the seven qualifiers to qualify for the tournament. In SASUKE 22, he cleared the first three obstacles in good time. However, on the Jumping Spider, he failed to land both feet inside the walls and fell there.

He got a direct invitation to SASUKE 24. In that tournament he wore #86 and while his run was all cut, he was shown to have failed the Slider Jump in the commercial before the tournament aired. He failed to securely grab the net at the end of the Slider Jump and fell there. It is known from the announcer that he had about 50 seconds at that point, a very good time and most likely would have cleared if he completed the obstacle.


SASUKE # Result Notes
22 46 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage)
24 86 Failed Slider Jump (First Stage) All Cut. Shown in intro.

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