Sato Fumiyasu
Satō, SASUKE 22
Biographical Info
Born August 25, 1976
Age 41
Job TBS announcer
As an announcer
SASUKE Announcer
1st Chair SASUKE 25
2nd Chair SASUKE 22 - SASUKE 23, SASUKE 26
3rd Chair SASUKE 24, SASUKE 27
Total 6 competitions

Satō Fumiyasu (佐藤 文康) started as SASUKE 22's #2 announcer. Because he sounds nearly identical to former announcer Hatsuta Keisuke, some thought that Hatsuta had not left.

Hatsuta returned in SASUKE 24, moving Satō down to #3 announcer; this was the first competition which had three announcers (second was SASUKE 27). Because of this, he is also the only announcer to sit in the third announcer chair.

Hatsuta left after that tournament while Ogasawara was unable to attend and Satō became the #1 announcer in SASUKE 25. Former SASUKE competitor Itō Ryūsuke moved into Satō's old position as the #2 announcer. In SASUKE 26 Ogasawara was able to return and Satō returned to his old posistion as the #2 announcer. Hatsuta again returned in SASUKE 27, moving Satō down to #3 announcer once again.

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