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Archived News

26th October 2010 – Additional Sasukepedia theme changes.

Recently, Wikia has switched over the default skin of Sasukepedia to the New Wikia Look for all users not currently logged in. Anyone logged in, and still using the old Monaco skin, will not see a change. All registered members (logged-in) can freely switch between the old Monaco skin and the New Look via their skin preferences until November 3rd. Come November 4th however, all users regardless of skin preferences will be forced to the New Look.

16th October 2010 – Sasukepedia theme changes.

We are beginning to make modifications to the general theme and layout of Sasukepedia, especially it's color theming. You will begin to see changes in template items such as navboxes and infoboxes during this time until the new theme is officially released on November 4th. Once the new theme is in place, we will be unable to return to the old theme.

26th July 2010 – Official Policies and Guidelines.

We have officially pushed the Policies and Guidelines into effect. All editors are requested to review them as soon as possible. Please feel free to propose any changes, but make sure that you follow the official process while doing so.

6th June 2010 – Celebrity Sportsman No. 1

In addition to the changes to the navboxes, we have added links to pages for Celebrity Sportsman No. 1, so that they may be populated with content. This change comes as part of our expansion into a broader Monster9 information wiki.

6th June 2010 – Navigation box changes.

There have been changes to how nagivation boxes (navbox) handle their content and links to articles. If you are interested in seeing these changes, or how they affect you, please visit the talk page for the Monster9 template.

21 May 2010 – Portal:Main published.

Sasukepedia has published the Portal:Main article page, as the default main page for the wiki. Wherever there are links to the main page, users will now find themselves at the new portal as their introductory hub for all Monster9 related content.

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