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Found a problem user or vandal on Sasukepedia?
List them here, and we'll clean up their work, and may ban them.


  • See below how to add a vandal to the list.
  • However, please try and talk to them before you resort to listing names here - people can make mistakes.



See Also

List of violations

If you find your name on this list, please do not remove it — we check user pages and contributions before taking any action, so feel free to post a response/explanation on an appropriate page, such as your own talk page. Removing your name from this list shows a lack of trust in our judgment, and will most likely increase your chances of getting a ban!

This is not a "Most Wanted" list, and viewers don't memorise everybody who appears on the list.

Speculation and user pages are generally better policed by their users, and we do not like to get involved in such disputes. Vandalism is not the same as a disagreement, and we encourage you to work out the problem on related talk pages rather than reporting them here.

Do not add entries as "suspects", that designation is only for use by admins who have investigated the person in question.

Do add additions to the top, or else they might be seen as old and generally ignored.

July 2010

BLOCKED 1 Week contribs (if bot), logblock log talk Reporting false information about future events.

June 2010

BLOCKED Anshintest infinite contribs (if bot), logblock log talk Test / Example of block.


Well, what do you know, we have none.

About reverting vandalism

Warning templates
PageName is optional

If you wish to revert vandalism, open the last correct version (by clicking on the date), hit edit on that page and save it with an appropriate note!

However, it is worth noting that admins can quickly revert changes with one click, but only if it is the last edit. If you have better things to do than undo all their edits, you can just add the vandal's name here and we will block them. Once added to the list a 'contribs' link appear, giving quick access to a list of all their contributions. In that case we can open each revert link and revert all their edits in one fell swoop.

Therefore there's no desperate need to try to undo their works unless:

  • The page is high profile
  • It looks like no admins are around
  • You have a reason to contribute to an article that has been vandalized

There's no need spend all your time undoing vandalism - just make sure they're on the above list!

Thank you for all your assistance, everyone.

Adding suspects or vandals to the list

How to add a new month

Very simple, add the following (replace <month> and <year> with appropriate month and year):

==== <month> <year> ====
{| {{Sasukepedia:Known vandals/Table}}
<new suspect/vandal...>

How to add a new suspect (Admins only)

Also easy to do. Just add the {{suspect}} template in the appropriate month/year at the top:

==== <month> <year> ====
{| {{Sasukepedia:Known vandals/Table}}
{{suspect|<suspect user name>}} <optional comment>
<other suspects/vandals...>

Note that underscores are helpful. If a user has a space in his name, it may cause problems with the template, but this problem should have been eliminated.

How to add a new vandal

Also easy to do. Just add the {{vandal}} template in the appropriate month/year at the top:

==== <month> <year> ====
{| {{Sasukepedia:Known vandals/Table}}
{{vandal|<vandal user name>}} <optional comment>
<other suspects/vandals...>

Note that underscores are helpful. If a user has a space in his name, it may cause problems with the template, but this problem should have been eliminated.

Administrator-only actions

When a user is marked as a vandal, an admin will investigate the claim (usually by reviewing the accused vandal's contributions) and follow the policy. This may include reverting acts of vandalism and informing the user on their talk page that they have been accused of vandalism, if their contributions don't seem to be overt vandalism.

In addition, admins can do a few things the average user cannot to deal with vandalism:

  • Use the [rollback] link to quickly revert vandalism (if it was the last edit on an article).
  • Use the Special:Blockip page to ban/block the user from editing for a period of time (based on policy).
  • Use the  move  tab in situations where a regular user might not be able to, to maintain the history of a vandalized article.
  • Use the  protect  tab to give a reprieve to a frequently vandalized article, assuming it doesn't undergo frequent necessary updates.

If a vandal has caused massive disruption, use the "if bot" link when reverting vandalism — it will cause the vandalism (and the rollback) to become tagged as a "bot edit" and hidden from the RC list by default.

Blocking a vandal

After an admin has investigated they can ban/block the user according to policy by using the {{block}} template:

{{block|<blocked vandal user name>}} <optional comment> + <additional comment> + <ban time>

An admin may add some extra information when the block happens or at a later time such as ban/block time length, date/time of unblock or date/time when an unblock occured.

Adding block duration time/date
{{block|<blocked vandal user name>|time=<block time or unblock date/time>}}
Adding unblock time/date when or if block expires
{{block|<blocked vandal user name>|unblocked=<date/time when unblock occurred>}}

Making a suspect

If the user subsequently contacts an admin with a reasonable explanation for the act (falsely accused, mistaken edit, misunderstood policy, etc.) and the admin is convinced the user has reformed or sufficiently explained their actions, the admin can use the {{suspect}} template to put then on a sort of probation (and clear the ban/block, if warranted):

{{suspect|<suspected vandal user name>}} <optional comment> + <additional comment>

Identifying fake spam cleaners

Here are easy steps to identify fake spam cleaners:

  1. Go to the history page of the article that was supposedly cleaned.
  2. Click the left radio button next to the entry you think was the last non-spam edit (spammers usually have red user links, since they're not real users).
  3. Click the right radio button next to the entry of the "fake spam cleaner" edit.
  4. Click the "Compare selected versions" button.

If you see lots of spam remaining, this user is probably a "fake spam cleaner".

Put them on the vandals list!

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