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Delete tagging cheat sheet
  • Place {{Delete}} at the top of the article
  • Add {{subst:Delete/Talk}} to the talk page
  • ... or with a reason: {{subst:Delete/Talk|delete this because...}}

See: [Help:Deleting pages], [Sasukepedia:Deletion policy]

Speedy deletion:
  • Place {{Speedydelete|<reason>}} at the top of the article
  • Add a line explaining why the page should be deleted

See: [Sasukepedia:Speedy deletion policy]

Deleting pages is a sensitive subject in Wikis. Often, an editor will choose to integrate the contents of some page into another more relevant page and make the old one a redirect to the new one. But in some cases, outright deleting the page is justified.

Icon-exclamationThis article briefly explains how deletion tags work, and what they look like. Before you start tagging articles for deletion however, you will want to read Sasukepedia:Deletion policy.

Nominating pages for deletion

Pages that users want to nominate for deletion use the {{Delete}} template (see below) at the top of the article. This template adds a deletion nomination banner and adds the article to the Candidates for deletion category.

The accompanying discussion page will use the {{subst:Delete/Talk}} template. This template pulls in {{Delete/Vote}} and adds a voting booth beneath it where people can actually place their votes and discuss. It also adds the discussion page to the Votes for deleting category.

Deletion vote


  1. Delete ~~~~ - (Nominated)


Icon-lightbulbHint: You can also use {{subst:Delete/Talk|<my reason for deletion>}} to provide a reason for your vote without having to re-edit the page.

Speedy Deletion

Icon-information-22x22 The speedy deletion policy is at Sasukepedia:Speedy deletion policy.

Some articles may be marked with {{Speedydelete}} for speedy deletion by an admin. This template adds a speedy deletion banner to the article and adds it to the Articles for speedy deletion category.

Icon-lightbulbHint: You can also use {{speedydelete|<my reason for deletion>}} to automatically add the tag, your reason, and your signature.

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