The Sasuke New-Stars are a group of eight competitors that are considered by TBS and the fans as the most likely to achieve success on the course. Also now as Shin Sedai, one of the eight men, Urushihara Yuuji , have obtained Kanzenseiha. They are often given high numbers (often taking 50 or above). Sometimes also getting numbers 48 and below.


Urushihara Yuuji 

A shoe salesman who has attempted SASUKE  ever since he first competed in Sasuke 21. He is a #3 Unlimited Cliffer member and the only man to achieve total victory twice. Because of his first Kanzenseiha he is the Leader of the New-Stars. He spent upwards of five years trying to qualify through the SASUKE Trials. Finally, he qualified for SASUKE 21, and in the next tournament became the first competitor to reach Shin-SASUKE's final stage.

Hashimoto Kouji

A gym instructor who has attempted SASUKE ever since he first competed SASUKE 21 until SASUKE 30. Hashimoto qualified through the SASUKE Trials in three straight tournaments. In SASUKE 23, he finally cleared the First Stage, and in the SASUKE 24 he made it all the way to the Final Stage.

Hitoshi Kanno

A gymnast who has been considered one of the most serious contenders to kanzenseiha. In SASUKE 23, when Nagano Makoto joined him in the Final Stage, it was heard that Kanno was the leader of the Shin Sedai. In his third appearance, SASUKE 23, he made it all the way to the Final Stage. He has had mixed success since. He first competed in SASUKE 20 and missed SASUKE 21, and then competed again in SASUKE 22 . Ever since then, he competed in every tournament.

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