The Sanrenchou (三連跳) is a KUNOICHI obstacle in the Second Stage. The objective for this obstacle, was to jump over three hurdles, such as those you'd see in a track and field meet except using hands to assist in jumping over the hurdles were permitted. The first hurdle was 60 centimeters, the second 80 centimeters, and the third and final hurdle was 100 centimeters (one meter). Designed to be a time waster, it first appeared in KUNOICHI 6 where the Second Stage was a time trial. Although designed as a time waster, no competitor spent much time on it. Despite it's ineffectiveness, it returned for KUNOICHI 8's Second Stage this time in-between Daichoyaku and Buyoishi. It is one of the few obstacles in KUNOICHI history to retire no competitors despite appearing in multiple tournaments.

Translation Errors

Many viewers of the show have often gotten the Sarentobi that appeared in three of the first four Kunoichi tournaments, confused with Sanrenchou. Both obstacles share the same kanji, but different romanji, and as such, many English translations list both obstacles as the "Triple Hurdle". Despite this, both obstacles completely differ in function, and are treated as separate entities.

Competitors' Success Rate

KUNIOCHI Clears Attempts Percentage
6 10 10 100%
8 27 27 100%
Total 37 37 100%

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