Samenso (斜面走) was a first stage obstacle in KUNOICHI 3 and KUNOICHI 4 . The objective was simple, competitors had to run across a wall four meters long slanted at a 45 degree angle. It was the 7th obstacle, positioned after Haso Tobi. In it's inaugural tournament, it managed to take out four competitors, including Higashi Rena.

In this tournament, competitors had to wear knee guards, possibly for this obstacle only, as it appeared most competitors landed on their knees hard after completing the obstacle.

Samenso returned for the fourth tournament, this time as the fifth obstacle, before Haso Tobi. It appears as the material the obstacle was made out of had been made easier to walk on, since no competitors were able to slip on it as they did in the previous tournament.

There was also a little floating mat at the end of the obstacle to eliminate the knee guards competitors wore in KUNOICHI 3. In addition to the change in the material, the supports (inner portion) of Samenso had been covered up to make it look more aesthetically appealing.


Samenso (斜面走) returned in the next three tournaments.

This version had been modified and the new objective of the obstacle was to traverse two tilted walls at a 45 degree angle, which took out strong competitors such as Inada Ayako (all cut) and Nishimura Chie.

In addition there was now a metal box to prevent competitors that were losing their balance to jump to the landing mats, (Competitors had to land to the left of the metal box) spare KUNOICHI 7.

This new version did do some damage in it's first two tournaments, remaining as the fifth obstacle for KUNOICHI 5 and the sixth for KUNOICHI 6.

In KUNOICHI 7 it was once again placed after the deadly Haso Tobi although all four competitors that attempted it cleared it. Despite it's incredibly high success rate in KUNOICHI it was removed for the eighth tournament due to the KUNOICHI course re-design.

Competitors' Success Rate

KUNIOCHI Clears Attempts Percentage
3 14 18 83.33%
7 4 4 100%

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