SASUKE Senior (サスケ シニア) was an event that aired on the Kinniku Banzuke successor Taiiku Ookoku in four separate episodes from June 14, 2003 to September 6, 2003. All competitors in this event were male and over the age of fifty. The course consisted of one nine obstacle stage, and if competitors could complete it they would win ¥200,000 ($2,344.12). There was only one competition in the history of the event and no one was able to complete the course. The course is exactly the same as SASUKE Junior with the exception of the normal Spider Walk and the decreased time limit.


Suimen Dash 水面ダッシュ Suimendash

Sandantobi 三段跳び Sarentobi

Sponge Bridge スポンジブリッジ Spongebridge

Keisan Area 計算エリア Keisanarea

Pole Vault ポールジャンプ Polevaultdrawing

Pipe Slider パイプスライダー Pipesliderdrawing

Untei うんてい Untei

Spider Walk スパイダーウォーク Spiderwalkdrawing

Pipe Nobori パイプ登り Pipenobori

Time Limit: 100 seconds


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
Ishino Masao (50) Ground Self-Defense Forces Sponge Bridge スポンジブリッジ
Tokunaga Yoshihisa (56) Food Service Company Suimen Dash 水面ダッシュ
Watanabe Hisashi (66) Driver Sponge Bridge スポンジブリッジ
Kuramochi Minoru (55) Izakaya "Edo" Store Manager Keisan Area 計算エリア
Tanaka Takeo (55) Company Employee Suimen Dash 水面ダッシュ
Yamada Hisatomi (53) Painter Sandantobi 三段跳び
Ikeda Masaki (60) Postal Worker/Started Marathon at age 50 Spider Walk スパイダーウォーク
Kakuda Kazuo (60) Iwatsuki City Council Committee Suimen Dash 水面ダッシュ
塚元 博 (52) Bicycle Shop Owner Suimen Dash 水面ダッシュ
Suzuki Noboru (62) Scaffolding Coating Industry Suimen Dash 水面ダッシュ
Ishihara Masashi (53) High School Physical Education Teacher Sponge Bridge スポンジブリッジ First attempt at course
Yoneda 至誠 (53) Company Employee Suimen Dash 水面ダッシュ
Nakamura Toshihisa (64) Self Described "埼玉の星一徹" Sponge Bridge スポンジブリッジ
Ito Tsuyoshi (54) Production Machine Design Suimen Dash 水面ダッシュ
Imai 忠三 (52) Engineer Pipe Slider パイプスライダー
Minatoya Katsuo (64) Binoculars Group Sandantobi 三段跳び
Ikeda Atsushi (52) Appliance Store Manager Keisan Area 計算エリア
Maruyama Masato (56) Automotive Supplier Spider Walk スパイダーウォーク Time Out
Sano 恵治 (50) Construction Company Pole Vault ポールジャンプ
Nagashima Akira (54) 25 Year History of Speed Skating Suimen Dash 水面ダッシュ
Fujii Shin (62) Mali Sponge Bridge スポンジブリッジ
芝本 Yasumi (56) Crane Operator Spider Walk スパイダーウォーク
Ishihara Masashi (53) High School Physical Education Teacher Spider Walk スパイダーウォーク Second attempt at course
Shirai 森明 (68) Yakitori Shop Owner/Oldest Player Suimen Dash 水面ダッシュ Time Out

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