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Kazuhiko Akiyama - SASUKE 4

Stage Result
1 Clear 20.92 seconds left
2 Clear 7.4 seconds left
3 Only clear this tournament.
Final Kanzenseiha 6.0 seconds left

Kazuhiko had attempted in SASUKE 2 and 3, but due to his degenerative eye disease, he timed out on the second stage. But this time, wearing #86 he finished it, cleared Stage 3 easily, and flew up the 15 meter rope in 24 seconds to achieve Kanzenseiha

Makoto Nagano - SASUKE 17

Stage Result
1 Clear 12.08 seconds left
2 Clear 9.90 seconds left
3 Cleared along with Shunsuke Nagasaki
Final Kanzenseiha 2.56 seconds left

Makoto had come agonizingly close on the rope three times before, but this time, as #99, he made the transition from the 12.5 meter spider climb to the 10 meter rope very quickly and achieved Kanzenseiha in 27.44 seconds.

Yuuji Urushihara - SASUKE 24

Stage Result
1 Clear 24.35 seconds left
2 Clear 6.55 seconds left
3 1 of 5 to clear along with Koji Hashimoto, Lee En-Chih, Kenji Takahashi and Yoshiyuki Okayuma
Final Kanzenseiha 3.57 seconds left

Yuuji had taken his first shot at the Final Stage in SASUKE 22, coming so close that the producers lowered the time limit by 5 seconds, however, this did not matter as, wearing #93, Yuuji was one of 5 competitors to clear stage 3 (tied for most stage 3 finishers with SASUKE 3) but the only one to make it, climbing the tower in 36.43 seconds.

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