SASUKE Malaysia is a Malaysian SASUKE competition and served as the Malaysia Trials for SASUKE 27. The competition was broken up into two stages with the winner of the competition being named Malaysian Warrior and getting a chance to compete in SASUKE 27. The competition was held in Putrajaya, Malaysia on May 27th - May 28th and was open to all Malaysians over 16.

Stage 1



Jump Hang

Half-Pipe Attack

Soritatsu Kabe

Tarzan Rope

Rope Ladder

Time Limit: 120 seconds


Stage 2


Spider Climb

Tsuna Nobori

Time Limit: seconds


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
012 Sufian Clear (41.75 seconds left)
Amir Hamzah Clear (39.7 seconds left)
Mohammed Kaldon Clear (19 seconds left)
Nick Saiful Nazri Spider Climb
Mohammed Farid Isham Clear (42.35 seconds left)

Mohammed Farid Isham

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