SASUKE Junior (サスケ Jr.) was an event that aired on the Kinniku Banzuke successor Taiiku Ookoku in six separate episodes from May 30, 2003 to September 6, 2003. All competitors in this event were in elementary school. The course consisted of one nine-obstacle stage, and if competitors could complete it they would win ¥200,000 ($2,344.12). Competitors competed on the course while one of their parents sat on a moving conveyor belt. If time ran out, the parent would fall off the moving conveyor belt and into the water. There was only one competition in the history of the event. The course is exactly the same as SASUKE Senior with the exception of the inclined Spider Walk and the increased time limit.


Suimen Dash 水面ダッシュ Suimendash

Sandantobi 三段跳び Sarentobi

Sponge Bridge スポンジブリッジ Spongebridge

Keisan Area 計算エリア Keisanarea

Pole Vault ポールジャンプ Polevaultdrawing

Pipe Slider パイプスライダー Pipesliderdrawing

Untei うんてい Untei

Spider Walk スパイダーウォーク Spiderwalkjunior

Pipe Nobori パイプ登り Pipenobori

Time Limit: 111 seconds


Number Name (Grade) Profile Result Notes
Miyamoto Hiroyuki (6) Soccer Player Pole Vault ポールジャンプ
Sato Shizuka (5) Favorite Subject is Gym Keisan Area 計算エリア
Kondo Honki (6) Karate Suimen Dash 水面ダッシュ
Naitō Yūsuke (6) Tall in School Sponge Bridge スポンジブリッジ
Isobe Haruno (6) Sandantobi 三段跳び
Gima Yukie (6) Figures Pole Vault ポールジャンプ
Oyama Kenta (6) Elementary School Athlete Keisan Area 計算エリア
Miyaoka Keita (5) All Boys Sports Pipe Slider パイプスライダー Disqualified
Shiozi Toshikazu (5) 4th Grade Ace Pole Vault ポールジャンプ
Ishida Junichi (5) Boys Soccer Keisan Area 計算エリア
Mizuno Yusuke (6) Sponge Bridge スポンジブリッジ
Suzuki 海友 (5) Karate Suimen Dash 水面ダッシュ
Tamaki Ayana (4) Swimming for 7 Years Sandantobi 三段跳び
Koike Kazuki (4) All Boys Sports Keisan Area 計算エリア
Yamasaki 貴大 (5) 8 Years of Gymnastics Pole Vault ポールジャンプ
Takada Kenta (6) Athlete Spider Walk スパイダーウォーク
Inami Tatsuya (5) Boys Athletics Clear (12 seconds left)
Kogure Yoshito (4) Speedy Boys Soccer Sandantobi 三段跳び
Takahashi 優李 (6) All Girls Sports Sandantobi 三段跳び
Tsutsui Shō (6) Daiwa Football Selection Keisan Area 計算エリア
Koike Akari (4) Dancing Girl Sandantobi 三段跳び
Watanabe Akimoto (6) Football for 8 Years Pipe Slider パイプスライダー
Toyota 祥光 (4) Favorite Subject is Math Pole Vault ポールジャンプ
Shimazaki Yoshiyuki (6) Six Year History in Sports Chanbara Clear
Komiya Gen (4) Swimming for 8 Years Suimen Dash 水面ダッシュ
Kobayashi Ryūta (6) Karate for Seven Years/One Year Boxing Career Sandantobi 三段跳び
Marayama Akira (6) Pole Vault ポールジャンプ
Yamaguchi Hiroki (6) Football for Eight Years Keisan Area 計算エリア
Higashi Rena (5) Girls Baseball Pipe Nobori パイプ登り Time Out. About 2 seconds late
Shimazaki Yoshiyuki (6) Boys Soccer Clear
Shimizu Kentaro (5) One Year of Karate Untei うんてい
Miki Shohei (4) Swimming For Three Years Suimen Dash 水面ダッシュ
Morimoto 優大 (6) Tennis For Three Years Pole Vault ポールジャンプ
Suzuki Yūsuke (6) Swimming for Seven Years Pipe Slider パイプスライダー
米川 瑠理子 (5) Spider Walk スパイダーウォーク
Shimmura 武玄 (6) Football for Seven Years Clear
Yamamoto Yumi (4) Six Years of Acrobatics Suimen Dash 水面ダッシュ
Rodrick Genki Dean (6) Kobe International School Baseball Catcher For Three Years Keisan Area 計算エリア
Kakuda Yū (6) Karate Girl Sandantobi 三段跳び
Kamata Hoshi (6) Baseball Team Captain Keisan Area 計算エリア
鴨藤 Kento (6) Tennis Boy Pipe Nobori パイプ登り Time Out
Nishioka Katsuya (6) Boys Basketball Clear (20 seconds left)

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