SASUKE 35 (officially,「SASUKE2018」) has been officially announced by TBS on Twitter in December 1, 2017. It is the fourth tournament after Morimoto Yūsuke's kanzenseiha. For the first time in SASUKE history, the words "NINJA WARRIOR" were attached in this tournament's logo (not to be confused with Ninja Warrior, which was a G4-edited version of SASUKE that has been shown in most of the countries outside Japan). The broadcast was aired on March 26, 2018 at 7pm JST with a 4-hour timeslot (originally at 8pm JST), identical to the air date of SASUKE 33's broadcast.


Applications were released on December 1, 2017 by TBS on their Official Website and Twitter. Applications were closed on January 7th, 2018. The first and only audition was held at Midoriyama Studios, Yokohama from January 12, 13, 19 and 20, in a span of 4 days, unlike previous competitions where there has been two auditions taking place in Tokyo and Osaka respectively probably due to a lot of returning competitors. In addition, unlike in previous tournaments when the auditions only consist of competitors doing 100 push ups and interviews, the producers also added the Godantobi in which competitors must complete to advance.


The taping dates was confirmed to take place on February 17th, 2018. The First Stage was filmed on the 17th, while later stages were filmed on the 18th.

Tournament Summary

The First Stage was moderately modified, compared to the previous tournament. One new obstacle was introduced in this tournament's First Stage, the Dragon Glider (which was adopted from the Double Dipper, an obstacle that firstly appeared as the third obstacle on American Ninja Warrior 9 in Stage One), replacing the Double Pendulum. However, due to the space constraint resulting from the length of the Dragon Glider, the Tarzan Rope and Lumberjack Climb that had been in place since SASUKE 30 were indirectly removed, resulting the stage ending at the Soritatsu Kabe and a much quicker First Stage since SASUKE 30, with the time limit being drastically reduced to 85 seconds (38 seconds less than the previous tournament), making it the first tournament since SASUKE 17 that the First Stage's time limit was below 100 seconds (coincidentally, that tournament also carried an 85-second time limit for the First Stage) and the lowest in any tournament since Shin-SASUKE and SASUKE RISING's era. The immense changes brought in this tournament resulted in notable failures:

In the end, only 8 competitors completed the First Stage, including the last 5 consecutive competitors from #96 to #100.

The Second Stage remained unmodified from the last two tournaments, along with the time limit, albeit with modifications for the Wall Lifting's visual design. Despite that, there were interesting failures in this tournament's Second Stage, in which the Spider Drop eliminated Yamamoto Keitaro and Nagasaki Shunsuke. Nevertheless, 5 competitors completed the Second Stage.

The Third Stage was moderately modified. The Drum Hopper Kai was removed, moving the Flying Bar and Sidewinder Kai (simply called as the Sidewinder) to the first and second obstacles respectively. The Planet Bridge was introduced as the third obstacle in this tournament, and the Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger, Vertical Limit Kai (simply called as the Vertical Limit), and Pipe Slider remaining the same, with a heater added for warmth. However, there was a green resting platform between the Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger and Vertical Limit, meaning competitors could rest for a few moment before attempting the Vertical Limit. The Planet Bridge eliminated Hioki Masashi, the Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger eliminated Satō Jun, and the Vertical Limit eliminated both Drew Drechsel and Kawaguchi Tomohiro. However, Morimoto Yūsuke was able to complete the Vertical Limit and made all the way to the Pipe Slider, and then completed the obstacle and the Third Stage, making him just the sixth competitor in SASUKE history to attempt the Final Stage more than once (after Ōmori Akira, Yamamoto Shingo, Nagano Makoto, Urushihara Yuuji, and Matachi Ryo).

With Morimoto Yūsuke's Third Stage clear in this tournament, the new Final Stage was finally unveiled and attempted for the first time ever, in which consisted of 3 obstacles: 8-meter Spider Climb, 7-meter Salmon Ladder Jūgo Dan (consisted of 15 rungs, excluding the starting rung), and 10-meter Tsuna Nobori, with the time limit being 45 seconds. However, Morimoto lost too much time at the Salmon Ladder, trying his utmost best to do it as quick as possible. Unfortunately, his time ran out about 5 meters short from the goal, ending his run and the tournament.

First Stage


① Quad Steps クワッドステップス
② Rolling Hill ローリングヒル
③ TIE Fighter タイファイター
④ *Fish Bone フィッシュボーン
⑤ ^Dragon Glider ドラゴングライダー
⑥ Tackle タックル
⑦ Soritatsu Kabe そり立つ壁

Time Limit: 85 seconds.

^ Denotes New Obstacle
* Denotes Modified Obstacle


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
1 Takeda Nobuhiro (50) National Football Player ② Rolling Hill ローリングヒル Transition from Quad Steps.
2 Akira 100% (43) Comedian ① Quad Steps クワッドステップス
3 Torisawa Katsuhide (45) Weightlifter ① Quad Steps クワッドステップス
4 Fujimoto Tsukasa Professional Wrestler for Ice Ribbon ② Rolling Hill ローリングヒル All Cut.
5 Murata Arashi (16) Pro Surfer ④ *Fish Bone フィッシュボーン
6 Akiyama Hiroki Tuna Dismantling Craftsman ② Rolling Hill ローリングヒル All Cut.
7 Nose Yuhei (23) Karaoke Jean Colara Kawaramachi Main Office Chief ⑤ ^Dragon Glider ドラゴングライダー
8 Okaki Yuya Cafeteria Clerk ② Rolling Hill ローリングヒル All Cut.
9 Sugiyama Kenta Cake Manufacturer ① Quad Steps クワッドステップス All Cut.
10 Morimoto Teruya Hibiya Altar Accounting ④ *Fish Bone フィッシュボーン All Cut.
11 Maruyama Karina (35) Former National Football Player ③ TIE Fighter タイファイター
12 Shimizu Kidusu The University Of Tokyo Science I Class 1st Year Student ④ *Fish Bone フィッシュボーン All Cut.
13 Hosaka Taiki (28) Hisamitsu Pharmacist ⑤ ^Dragon Glider ドラゴングライダー
14 Kato Osamu Ministry Of Land Infrastructure And Transport Air Traffic Control ④ *Fish Bone フィッシュボーン All Cut.
15 Oji Yuuko Pip Slimwalk Staff ② Rolling Hill ローリングヒル All Cut.
16 Ishii Ryoji (40) CBC Announcer ③ TIE Fighter タイファイター
17 Kishi Hideaki (31) Ballroom Dancer ⑤ ^Dragon Glider ドラゴングライダー Shown in Commercial.
18 Little Kiyomi Impersonator ② Rolling Hill ローリングヒル All Cut.
19 Kobayashi Kenjiro Indoor Skydiving Instructor ④ *Fish Bone フィッシュボーン All Cut.
20 Fujiwara Michiko Talent ② Rolling Hill ローリングヒル All Cut.
21 Razor Ramon HG (42) Comedian ② Rolling Hill ローリングヒル
22 Tomioka Hiroshi (47) Flag Performer ④ *Fish Bone フィッシュボーン
23 Igarashi Yasuo (34) Fresco Bowler ① Quad Steps クワッドステップス
24 Asaya Takashi Taizoin Monk ④ *Fish Bone フィッシュボーン All Cut.
25 SHO (28) New Japan Pro-Wrestling/Roppongi 3K ④ *Fish Bone フィッシュボーン Shown in Navi. Digest.
26 YOH (29) New Japan Pro-Wrestling/Roppongi 3K ② Rolling Hill ローリングヒル Transition from Quad Steps. Digest.
27 Kozuka Takuya (35) ALSOK ⑤ ^Dragon Glider ドラゴングライダー Digest.
28 Ashiya Yuki (21) SECOM ③ TIE Fighter タイファイター Digest.
29 Suzuki Yuya (29) Beer Salesman ⑤ ^Dragon Glider ドラゴングライダー Digest.
30 Okayama Kenichiro Consultant ② Rolling Hill ローリングヒル All Cut.
31 Can Yutaka (33) Golden Bomber ⑤ ^Dragon Glider ドラゴングライダー
32 Matsuda Daisuke (42) Plumber ⑤ ^Dragon Glider ドラゴングライダー
33 Tanimoto Kōji (37) Farmer ⑤ ^Dragon Glider ドラゴングライダー Digest.
34 Sugimoto Keigo Hino Motors ② Rolling Hill ローリングヒル
35 Miyata Hideyuki (27) Daiwa House Industry ② Rolling Hill ローリングヒル Digest.
36 Aono Hikaru (25) Fighter ② Rolling Hill ローリングヒル Digest.
37 Honma Takashi (48) Bandai Life Division Deputy General Manager ② Rolling Hill ローリングヒル Digest.
38 Yukiro Sakai Ajinomoto Sales ③ TIE Fighter タイファイター All Cut.
39 Yoshinaga Katsumi Elementary School Teacher ③ TIE Fighter タイファイター All Cut. External Information.
40 Sekine Ryosuke Drug Dog Handler ⑤ ^Dragon Glider ドラゴングライダー
41 Iwamoto Hikaru (24) Johnny's Jr ⑤ ^Dragon Glider ドラゴングライダー
42 Kodama Kengo Firefighter ③ TIE Fighter タイファイター All Cut.
43 Matsuke Bruno Plastic Forming Machine Operator ⑤ ^Dragon Glider ドラゴングライダー Shown in Navi.
44 Sakuma Kota (25) Elementary School Teacher ① Quad Steps クワッドステップス
45 Onishi Kohei Banker ⑤ ^Dragon Glider ドラゴングライダー All Cut.
46 Onodera Toshihisa Post Office Director ② Rolling Hill ローリングヒル All Cut.
47 Okayama Ryoji Farmer ② Rolling Hill ローリングヒル All Cut.
48 Kodama Satoru (34) Police Officer ⑤ ^Dragon Glider ドラゴングライダー
49 Ishibashi Taro (32) Shueisha Weekly Playboy Editorial Department ② Rolling Hill ローリングヒル
50 Morimoto Yuta RIZAP Trainer ⑤ ^Dragon Glider ドラゴングライダー Shown in Navi.
51 KAREN (22) CYBERJAPAN DANCERS ② Rolling Hill ローリングヒル Digest.
52 Kumamoto Makoto Carpenter ② Rolling Hill ローリングヒル All Cut.
53 Suiguchi Yusaku Life Insurance Salesman ③ TIE Fighter タイファイタ All Cut.
54 Shiuda Yuki Okayama Precture Seto High School 3rd Year Student ② Rolling Hill ローリングヒル All Cut.
55 Yuri Waraino (23) Firefighter ③ TIE Fighter タイファイター Digest.
56 Hayakawa Hayato Tile Roofing Craftsman ⑤ ^Dragon Glider ドラゴングライダー Shown in Navi.
57 Kanno Kazuki (32) Fukushima City School Meal Cooker ⑤ ^Dragon Glider ドラゴングライダー Digest.
58 Takiguchi Yuta (33) Souvenir Shop Owner ④ *Fish Bone フィッシュボーン Digest.
59 Noguchi Koji Shoma Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Staff ④ *Fish Bone フィッシュボーン All Cut.
60 Hioki Masashi (36) Kitagawa Electrical Manager Clear (11.38 seconds left) First to clear Dragon Glider.
61 Yamamoto Hiroshige (25) Game Center SEGA Employee ② Rolling Hill ローリングヒル
62 Obata Satoshi (25) Maintainance Staff of Nori Manufacturer ⑤ ^Dragon Glider ドラゴングライダー
63 Takasu Seiki (27) Fisherman of 37th Kompira Maru ⑤ ^Dragon Glider ドラゴングライダー
64 Nagasawa Hideki Dentist ② Rolling Hill ローリングヒル All Cut.
65 Komatsu Koiki Dr. Stretch Trainer ③ TIE Fighter タイファイター All Cut.
66 Ohara Natsuki Pole Dancer ② Rolling Hill ローリングヒル All Cut.
67 Araki Naoyuki (25) Car Designer ⑤ ^Dragon Glider ドラゴングライダー Digest.
68 Tada Tatsuya (25) Yamagata Prefectural Office Staff ⑤ ^Dragon Glider ドラゴングライダー Digest.
69 Kouno Takashiro (27) Swimming Coach ⑤ ^Dragon Glider ドラゴングライダー Digest.
70 Kobayashi Keita Woodcutter ② Rolling Hill ローリングヒル
71 Mori Wataru (35) Actor ⑦ Soritatsu Kabe そり立つ壁 Time Out.
72 Kanno Hitoshi (32) Building Maintenance ⑤ ^Dragon Glider ドラゴングライダー The left side of the second bar was dislodged.
73 Matachi Ryo (28) Plumber ⑦ Soritatsu Kabe そり立つ壁 Time Out.
74 Yamamoto Shingo (43) Training Gym Owner ④ *Fish Bone フィッシュボーン
75 Haruyama Ryo (26) Former US Independent League Baseball Player ⑤ ^Dragon Glider ドラゴングライダー Digest.
76 Yoshida Yuki Ground Self Defence Force Fukushima Garrison ⑤ ^Dragon Glider ドラゴングライダー Shown in Navi.
77 Pete Forbes (32) United States Naval Pilot ③ TIE Fighter タイファイター Digest.
78 Gomi Yuuki (24) Air Self-Defence Force Irumuma Base ④ *Fish Bone フィッシュボーン Digest.
79 Danno Shun (26) Kyoto University Administrative Staff ⑤ ^Dragon Glider ドラゴングライダー Digest.
80 Miwa Souma Waseda University Student, Hand Ball Player ③ TIE Fighter タイファイター All Cut.
81 Yamamoto Seito (26) Rio Olympics Pole Vault Representative ⑤ ^Dragon Glider ドラゴングライダー
82 Yokota Shun (27) American Football Panasonic Impluse 2015 Rice Bowl MVP ③ TIE Fighter タイファイター Shown In Commercial.
83 Shogo Arai Alpine Skiing Former Representative ③ TIE Fighter タイファイター All Cut.
84 Kimura Sho (29) Boxing WDO World Flyweight Champion ④ *Fish Bone フィッシュボーン
85 Yamamoto Ryosuke Triathlon Beijing Olympics Japan Representative ③ TIE Fighter タイファイター All Cut.
86 Tsukada Ryoichi (31) ABC-Z ③ TIE Fighter タイファイター
87 Ono Minami (21) Diver ② Rolling Hill ローリングヒル Digest.
88 Ugajin Shogo (25) Footprint Construction Craftsman ⑤ ^Dragon Glider ドラゴングライダー Digest. Shown in Navi.
89 Yamamoto Keitaro (26) Lecturer Clear (5.04 seconds left)
90 Takeru (26) K-1 Champion ④ *Fish Bone フィッシュボーン
91 Takeda Toshihiro (42) Training Gym Owner ⑤ ^Dragon Glider ドラゴングライダー Time Out.
92 Nagasaki Shunsuke (30) Trampoline Performer Clear (7.46 seconds left)
93 Takahashi Kenji (42) KONG EXPRESS ⑤ ^Dragon Glider ドラゴングライダー Course Out. Dislodged bar and his feet touched the water.
94 Suzuki Yusuke (39) Atsugi Junior High School Physical Education Teacher ④ *Fish Bone フィッシュボーン
95 Urushihara Yuuji (39) Haruta Shoes Staff ⑦ Soritatsu Kabe そり立つ壁 Time Out.
96 Darvish Kenji (37) Golden Bomber Drummer Clear (1.03 seconds left)
97 Sato Jun (26) Parkour Instructor Clear (20.39 seconds left) Fastest First Stage clear of the tournament.
98 Drew Drechsel (29) Gym Trainer Clear (15.94 seconds left)
99 Kawaguchi Tomohiro (36) Director of Climbing Shoe Manufacturer Clear (4.80 seconds left)
100 Morimoto Yūsuke (26) IDEC Software Engineer Clear (6.90 seconds left)
Total 100 Attempts 8 Clears

Second Stage


① Ring Slider リングスライダー
② Salmon Ladder Nobori サーモンラダー 上り
③ Salmon Ladder Kudari サーモンラダー 下り
④ Spider Walk スパイダーウォーク
⑤ Spider Drop スパイダードロップ
⑥ Backstream バックストリーム
⑦ Reverse Conveyor リバースコンべア
⑧ Wall Lifting ウォールリフティング

Time Limit: 110 seconds.


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
60 Hioki Masashi (36) Kitagawa Electrical Manager Clear (16.06 seconds left)
89 Yamamoto Keitaro (26) Lecturer ⑤ Spider Drop スパイダードロップ
92 Nagasaki Shunsuke (30) Trampoline Performer ⑤ Spider Drop スパイダードロップ
96 Darvish Kenji (37) Golden Bomber Drummer ⑧ Wall Lifting ウォールリフティング Time Out.
97 Sato Jun (26) Parkour Instructor Clear (18.97 seconds left)
98 Drew Drechsel (29) Gym Trainer Clear (23.72 seconds left) Fastest Second Stage clear of the tournament
99 Kawaguchi Tomohiro (36) Director of Climbing Shoe Manufacturer Clear (0.18 seconds left)
100 Morimoto Yūsuke (26) IDEC Software Engineer Clear (18.40 seconds left)
Total 8 Attempts 5 Clears

Third Stage


① Flying Bar フライングバー
② Sidewinder サイドワインダー
③ ^Planet Bridge プラネットブリッジ
④ Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger ウルトラクレイジークリフハンガー
⑤ Vertical Limit バーティカルリミット
⑥ Pipe Slider パイプスライダー

^ Denotes New Obstacle
* Denotes Modified Obstacle


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
60 Hioki Masashi (36) Kitagawa Electrical Manager ③ ^Planet Bridge プラネットブリッジ
97 Sato Jun (26) Parkour Instructor ④ Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger ウルトラクレイジークリフハンガー First to clear Planet Bridge. First Transition.
98 Drew Drechsel (29) Gym Trainer ⑤ Vertical Limit バーティカルリミット First Ledge.
99 Kawaguchi Tomohiro (36) Director of Climbing Shoe Manufacturer ⑤ Vertical Limit バーティカルリミット First Transition.
100 Morimoto Yūsuke (26) IDEC Software Engineer Clear First to clear Vertical Limit. First competitor to complete the Third Stage after his own kanzenseiha in SASUKE 31.
5 Attempts 1 Clear

Final Stage


① Spider Climb スパイダークライム (8m)
② Salmon Ladder Jūgo Dan サーモンラダー15段 (7m)
③ Tsuna Nobori 綱登り (10m)

Time Limit: 45 seconds.


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
100 Morimoto Yūsuke (26) IDEC Software Engineer ③ Tsuna Nobori 綱登り Timed out. About 20 meters up. Last Man Standing. First to clear Salmon Ladder Jūgo Dan.
1 Attempt 0 Clear

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